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6 Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy a Summer Job at the Westmark Skagway

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Landing a Summer Job at Westmark Skagway
The Westmark Skagway is a seasonal hotel located in the center of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park in the heart of downtown Skagway. A summer job in this exciting place can be one of the best experiences of your life! Here are six reasons why we think it’s a great place to live and work.

1. Skagway has character.

The small city of Skagway, with less than 800 residents, was once a booming Klondike Gold Rush-era town, situated at the head of White Pass Trail, where in the late 1890s thousands of hungry gold-seekers scrambled to reach the gold-rich headwaters of the Klondike River. You’ll love exploring the downtown, which is so significant to history that its six-block historic business district is part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park. The park is unusual in itself as it encompasses multiple locations in the U.S. and Canada. The Westmark Skagway is a short walk from the historic district, where you can enjoy touring businesses restored to their turn-of-the-last-century appearances. Get a sense of the rough-and-rowdy Gold Rush history with a tour of the quirky museum dedicated to con man Jefferson “Soapy” Smith, populated by animatronic mannequins. In July, the town holds a “wake” for Soapy.

2. You like fun events? Skagway has them.

Alaskans are very familiar with winter. That’s why they celebrate summer better than anyone else! Each year, a Summer Solstice celebration is hosted by the Skagway Elks Club. The celebration brings in live music, volleyball, horseshoes and a beer garden. On July 4th, the city has a street dance, parade, ducky derby, a slow bike race and American mainstays like a pie-eating contest and egg toss.

3. Your next door neighbor is a glacier

How many people get to say they lived near a glacier? After spending the summer in Skagway, you’ll be among the privileged few. The 4.6-mile-long Davidson Glacier, 26 miles southwest of Skagway in the Chilkat Range, is an attraction for adventurers from everywhere. Visiting the glacier requires a boat or a plane, but local tour operators and flying services can accommodate you.

4. Speaking of outdoor activities…

If you like hiking, fishing, kayaking, or cross-country skiing, then you’re in luck. Skagway is one of those places where your favorite activities are right at your doorstep. The Skagway area is rich with hiking trails on which you can explore waterfalls, mountain vistas, ocean views and lakes. The National Park Service categorizes trails by difficulty level, so you can choose the kind of experience that suits you best. If you’re up for a moderate hike with a spectacular view, try the Devil’s Punchbowl trail, a 2-hour hike that will reward you with a view of Taiya Inlet. It’s just one of many day hikes to choose from!

5. You can schmooze with the residents

We’re talking about the wildlife, of course. This is one of the reasons you want to come to Alaska, right? Well, you’ve got it, and because you’ll be staying in this coastal city, you’ll have the best of both worlds. You can spot land mammals like the brown bear, also known as the grizzly, as well as marine mammals like seals and whales. Oh, and don’t forget the air. Eagles and dozens of other avian species frequent the Skagway area. You won’t be disappointed.

6. You like benefits? We have them.

Worried about the cost of travel to Skagway? You don’t have to. Depending on the job you’re hired for, such as for driver guides, we provide company flights, or we’ll reimburse you $550 at the end of the season. For other positions, we have a reimbursement program where we’ll buy your plane ticket and you can pay it back as you work. Our seasonal employees receive benefits such as discounted rates on local excursions as well as discounted cruises aboard Princess and Holland America Line ships. We offer employee recognition programs, social events, and discounted housing, which includes laundry and a common room with television. But you’ll be so busy exploring the area you won’t want to spend much time in front of the TV.

Ready to see what we have to offer? Browse jobs in Skagway today. We hope to see you in the summer!

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