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Find Your Summer Rental in Ketchikan

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Photo by Mark Byzewski.

Known as the “salmon capital of the world,” Ketchikan draws a heavy tourist crowd for its natural beauty. It’s also home base for a number of seasonal workers each year and has a variety of seasonal housing options for them. Here are five different types of places you could call home while working a season in Ketchikan.

City apartments

If living near other people, and being close to shops and nightlife is your thing, check out the Ketchikan classifieds or Big Dawg Realty to find an apartment in the city. Some even come furnished, so you don’t have to worry about buying or hauling furniture for three months of living there.

RV or campervan life

Driving your RV to Alaska for the summer offers more than just the fun of the road trip: it means you’ll also have a place to live when you get there. You just need to find a place to park it. The good new is, Clover Pass Resort not only offers space for RV parking but also boasts waterfront sites with monthly rates. You could score one of the most scenic sites around.

Shared houses

If you’re open to having roommates, it’s worth reaching out to your employer to see if he or she can connect you with your coworkers who might want to share a two- or three-bedroom apartment, which could save you a significant chunk of cash over living solo. The Ketchikan classifieds are one of the best places to find houses in the area.

Employee housing

Some jobs come with another perk: employee housing. If you work as a driver-guide or in one of the other positions available in Ketchikan, you’ll have the option to bed down in the 10-bedroom building on top of Cape Fox Hill, which overlooks downtown and the waterfront. Each room has two beds and usually two employees. Bathrooms are separate from bedrooms and shared among all residents. Employee housing offers free Wi-Fi and other amenities.

A campground

If you’re looking for a serious outdoor adventure, take advantage of the fact that Ketchikan is in Tongass National Forest. Signal Creek Campground is about a 20-minute drive from the city, as is Last Chance Campground. Each of these sites are open from sometime in May to early September. There are no advertised limits on how many nights you can stay, but come prepared to move every two or three weeks to be safe.

There’s a reason why nearly a million visitors come to see Ketchikan each year—it’s unique and beautiful. And working a summer season there is a special way to go beyond just a short trip. Whether you decide to live alone, with housemates or in employee housing, you’ll find a unique community and natural beauty all around.

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