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Dan- Whitehorse Operations Manager

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A pleasant summer day in the town of Skagway.

A pleasant summer day in the town of Skagway.

After a 15 year career at sea with Princess Cruises as Cruise Director it was time for a new adventure!  We had cruised Alaska for many years but we had never been able to enjoy the inland portion of the Yukon and Alaska.  This was going to be the summer where we changed all of that.  My wife and I had visited over 130 countries between us and we decided to pack up the truck and the dog  (Barkley) for a great road trip north.  We had a great 6 day drive from Hamilton, Ontario to Whitehorse with many new experiences.  Our trip began at the end of April and it was a great time of the year to travel, we had the highway to ourselves and at times we didn’t see another vehicle for an hour.   The wildlife we saw was incredible, not only in the north but our trip across the States as well.  We traveled through 8 States, 2 Provinces and 1 territory (not to mention 2 countries !!) We saw, Antelope, Pheasants, Wild Donkeys, Coyotes, Fox, Bison, Bear, Moose, Deer, Caribou, Elk, Mountain Goats, Stone Sheep as well as other little critters and we hadn’t even reached our destination.

I was hired for the position of Operations Manager, I knew all about managing and dealing with people of different ages, backgrounds and personalities but the job itself was quite new to me, I was up for the challenge.   My responsibilities were quite broad and I thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the different vehicles and regulations in our division as well as the ones that passed through.  It wasn’t all work, work , work though as we had many opportunities to explore the area around Whitehorse and beyond.  Sure it helps if you have your own vehicle but there are plenty of people around looking to take a day trip here and there that you can always hook up with.  We got to visit other divisions as well such as Skagway and Dawson City so we could meet some of the folks we would be dealing with and enjoy some fun and games with them as well.   The other cool thing about working up here is the nice mild summer weather and the amazing amount of daylight that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors till the wee hours of the morning in the broad daylight !!

After working at sea and having a job that doesn’t require you to sit at a desk for your entire shift I was looking for a non-traditional job still that would allow me to get outside and interact with people away from the office.  If you are looking for a great opportunity to meet some new people from all over the world and experience the great wildlife and history of the Yukon and Alaska then look through the job openings and apply.  Even for somebody like me who has traveled all over the world and seen many things that other people only dream about, this was the opportunity of a lifetime and I will always remember the awesome time I had with my family in Whitehorse, not to mention the great people I got to meet and work with.

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