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Bobby- Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

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Why I love Alaska

I’m currently a performer at the Music of Denali Dinner Theater at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. This is my 7th season with Princess. Alaska has given me many things! It’s given me an opportunity to do what I love in the most beautiful place on the planet… opening my eyes to a world I never would’ve discovered. It’s allowed me to make lifelong friends and memories. But the most important thing I found here in the land of the midnight sun is my wife. I met my lovely wife in Denali in 2002 while performing in the dinner theater. Without this beautiful 50th state, a boy from California and a girl from Minnesota never would’ve met. I even proposed to her in Denali, because I could think of no better place to do it. So thank you, Denali Park, AK. Thank you for giving me the most important person in my life… and the Alaskan Amber ain’t bad either.


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