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Brian- Transportation Manager

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Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Gorgeous view above Dawson City

Dawson City 2004, I had just driven across Canada from Ontario to Whistler BC and heard from a friend that Dawson City was a quiet place for me to enjoy a summer. We drove up from Whistler the next few days and arrived into Dawson in my ‘Green Machine’ (VW Van). I applied at Holland America and was hired on full time halfway through the season. I returned home that winter and in the new year traveled back to Whistler to repeat my western adventure back to Dawson City. I stayed the winter of 2005, and after the season and acquired two dogs from a dog musher in Eagle Alaska. I have since been living in Dawson ever since, year round. I experience different extremes and would not change it for anything. The company gave me a reason to return my second summer. I have worked full time for Holland America since 2004 and continue to return.

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