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Sarah- HR Assistant

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denali princess

My name is Sarah, I’m from San Diego, California and I am the Human Resources Assistant at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. I found this job after my sister-in-law told me about an amazing summer she spent in Alaska after completing her Bachelors degree. I found the posting for Princess Wilderness Lodges on Coolworks.com and couldn’t believe that there was a position for Human Resources – the perfect job for me! After a couple of phone interviews with the Human Resources manager, Jenni Sakko, I was offered the position. Half of the people I told about my move thought I was crazy to leave San Diego for Alaska, the other half were jealous. Preparing to move to Alaska was exciting and scary all at the same time, especially for someone who has lived and worked in the same place for all of their adult life. What a great move it was! Alaska is incredibly beautiful and working for Princess means a great opportunity to visit other lodges and areas throughout the state. Moreover, living in Employee Housing offers a unique experience that really allows you to bond with your coworkers and creates a very tight-knit group that has a real family feel to it. I loved it so much I have returned for a second season and could easily see myself here for season #3!

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