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Sarah – Outfitter

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The Firsts: In my preparations for coming to Alaska for the summer, a friend of mine requested (demanded, really) that I send him photos of every “first” during my journey. Of course, his ideas included first bear, first moose, first moose I teach soccer to (still working on that one). I kept that in mind when I arrived in Copper Center, and snapped the obligatory first moose, first mosquito bite and first game of shuffleboard, but I quickly realized that I’d never be able to capture all of the firsts you experience when you join the company. The first day, overwhelming and exciting and, as most first days are, looong. The first time you realize you’re not homesick, and you’ve gone a whole day without wondering what everyone at home is doing. The first customer you make really happy. The first game night. The first time you stay up until 3am because IT’S STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE. The first moment you realize that you can’t imagine ever having not come to Alaska, and the first plans you make to come back next year.

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