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Reagan – Logistics Coordinator

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Alaska was my first real job. I was hired when I sixteen to make welcome envelopes for guests. My mom already worked as a coach driver for them and she recommended I apply.

My second season I wanted a chance to get out of the office, so I applied to be an outfitter. The job terrified me at first because I was pretty sure I was entirely incompetent at dealing with people. With the help of a great supervisor and awesome coworkers, I gained a lot of confidence and quickly got over the fears I had about talking to guests.

My fourth season I became an outfitter supervisor, and I loved almost every minute of it. At that point, even the toughest, loudest yelling guest couldn’t unnerve me and I loved being able to fix their problems and help change their view of Princess for the better.

I’m now in the middle of my sixth and final season and I’m currently the Fairbanks Logistics Coordinator. I’ll miss being able to come back to my friends in Alaska every summer, but I know that my experiences with the company will help me fulfill my goals for the future.

Reagan – Logistics Coordinator – Fairbanks, Alaska

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