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Matt – Whittier Supervisor

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I first drove up the Alcan Highway in the summer of 1999. I am no stranger to traveling and to long road trips, but this was a whole new adventure. I was driving north to Alaska! I packed my truck with everything I owned and hit the road. Camped all along the way, seeing the wonderful new sights of British Colombia, Canada as well as the Yukon territory. Each night sitting beside a warm camp fire listening to coyotes cry in the night. It was truly an amazing experience. As the years rolled by I worked my summers in Alaska on the train and my winters in Montana as a Ski Photographer. I drove up and down, back and forth, north and south on the Alcan Highway twice a year and had some amazing experiences. I went through two trucks and multiple sets of tires. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
During my years with the Rail Division I have grown to understand all aspects of our Food and Beverage and Passenger Services operations on the train. Princess has trained me to Bartend, to Serve, and Cook as well as to Manage all these positions as an Onboard Manager. I took great pride in caring for the concerns and special needs of our guests throughout their travels in Alaska. I feel that everyone should travel. It is the best way to meet people of different cultures and back grounds. We all live and grow immensely with this type of interaction with one another. Princess and Holland America promote this and encourages it with all people – guests and employees – by bringing people together. I have had the opportunity to travel to beautiful and exotic places and meet beautiful and exotic people along the way.
Matt – Whittier Supervisor – Princess Rail Division

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