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5 of the Best Places to Work in Alaska for Outdoor Adventure

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Outdoor Alaska
Photo by Paxson Woelber If you love outdoor adventures, living and working in Alaska might be the best of both worlds—especially if it’s in one of these five places. Instead of working hard to save up for a vacation someplace near mountains, ocean, wildlife, and all sorts of outdoor sports...  Read More

The 6 Best Kayak Fishing Spots in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in Friendliest Catch: Fishing in Alaska
Alaska Kayak Fishing
Photo by Joseph Perching on a kayak in crystal-clear water is one of the most authentic ways to experience Alaska, and it’s also one of the most thrilling ways to catch a fish. Don’t just stand on the shore—paddle out stealthily and enjoy the peace and quiet while you reel...  Read More

Top 10 Facts about Anchorage You Need to Know As a Tour Guide

by ATJ Posted in A Day In The Life
photo by Paxson Woelber Anchorage, Alaska, isn’t like other U.S. cities. It’s farther north than Helsinki, and its winter days shorten to only five and a half hours. However, the city shifts to the opposite over the summer, with about 19 hours of daylight per day in July. Unlike most...  Read More

Golden Job Opportunities During Your Golden Years

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Senior bird watching
Photo by Andrea Pokrzywinski You’ve put in the hard work, and the reward is finally here: retirement. But is it everything you dreamed it would be? If you find yourself craving travel and adventure there are a couple ways to pursue it. But only one offers the unique combination of...  Read More

Sports Leagues To Join In Anchorage During the Summer

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Softball in Alaska
Photo by Justin Connaher One of the biggest perks of taking a seasonal job is making new friends. Getting involved in a local sports league is a great way to do that, because they’re open to people with all levels of experience, and from all walks of life. Whether you’re...  Read More

Work A Summer In Alaska While Receiving College Credit

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Photo by Mer Chau
photo by Mer Chau Think you can’t go to college and work a travel job at the same time? Think again. While other students are sticking close to home for their credits, you could be spending the summer near the Arctic Circle in Fairbanks, Alaska, earning both college credit and...  Read More

5 Characteristics that Make Up the Perfect Tour Guide

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Alaska Tours
  Photo used through creative commons license by Scott McMurren   There are average tour guides—and then there are the ones people remember forever. The ones who live on in the tales people tell about their favorite travels. These are the guides who help their guests make the memories of...  Read More

9 Alaska Photos That Will Make You Melt

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Alaska’s landscapes aren’t just extreme; they’re also diverse enough to make just about anyone sigh. Massive, glacier-covered mountains? Check. Rugged, wildlife-covered coastline? Check. Meadows filled with rainbows of wildflowers? Check. This place is beautiful and pristine beyond belief. But you don’t have to take our word for it—these photos speak...  Read More

5 Extreme Summer Activities In Alaska

by ATJ Posted in Only in Alaska
Glacier Hiking and Climbing
  Photo used through creative commons license by Joseph   Alaska is a world of extremes—especially in its outdoor sports. It’s the biggest state, and almost everything about it seems to be super-sized or super remote, which means outdoor sports that feel extreme in other places feel even wilder in...  Read More

6 Unusual Jobs You Will Only Find on Alaska Tour Jobs

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Alaska Tour Jobs
Photo by Ross Fowler   If your image of working in Alaska is limited to setting off on a commercial fishing boat or signing up with the National Parks Service, think again. Tourism is booming, and with it comes the need for all types of workers—and some jobs that might...  Read More