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6 Unusual Jobs You Will Only Find on Alaska Tour Jobs

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Alaska Tour Jobs
Photo by Ross Fowler   If your image of working in Alaska is limited to setting off on a commercial fishing boat or signing up with the National Parks Service, think again. Tourism is booming, and with it comes the need for all types of workers—and some jobs that might...  Read More

5 Winter Cocktails Every Alaska Bartender Should Know How to Make

by ATJ Posted in In the Kitchen
Alaska Winter Cocktails
  Photo by Reese Lloyd   Nothing takes the edge off the bitter cold quite like a stiff cocktail—and few places have a piercing cold quite like Alaska. Part of the fun of traveling or living someplace cold is the warm, cozy feeling of the community around a bar, tucked...  Read More

What’s It Like To Work On An Alaska Tour Train?

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Alaska Tour Train
  Photo by J.L. Nelson   Traveling on luxury glass-domed railcars as they chug through pristine mountain scenery doesn’t just happen in the movies. It’s a way of life for the people who snag jobs on board Alaska Rail Tour cars. Dome or observation cars give passengers maximum views of...  Read More

Why Westmark Whitehorse Hotel & Conference Center Jobs are the Ultimate Working Vacation

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Whitehorse Landscape
Photo by Peter Lee   If you fantasize about visiting the land of the midnight sun, crystal clean air, rugged mountains and sparkling rivers, a job at Westmark Whitehorse Hotel & Conference Center could be the ticket to your dream. The largest city in the Yukon, Whitehorse is also the...  Read More

10 Reasons a Summer Job at Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge will Take Your Breath Away

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Copper River landscape
Photo by Danskiego   There are summer jobs—and then there are the kinds of summer jobs you remember fondly for the rest of your life. The ones that let you experience something special you might otherwise have missed, like the chance to live and work at a remote lodge in...  Read More

6 Juneau Transportation Jobs That will Recharge Your Batteries

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
  Tired of the typical nine-to-five grind? Need a change of scenery? Like, maybe, Alaskan glaciers, mountains and coastline? A transportation job in Juneau, Alaska, is the perfect way to escape the stressful rat race. The third largest city in Alaska, Juneau is famously scenic, nestled between the 1,500-square-mile Juneau...  Read More

Jobs at Westmark Fairbanks That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Photo used through creative commons license by Steve Betts What’s that?  Your friend is boasting of taking a summer job on an Alaskan fishing vessel?  Don’t let him win the “best Alaskan job ever” game!  Simply up the ante and book yourself a gig at Westmark Fairbanks.   A job...  Read More

Why a Summer Job at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is Good for Your Heart

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Denali Cabin
Photo used under creative commons license by Andrew E. Russell Let’s kick things off with a simple quiz.  What do breath-taking hikes, laughing with friends and flight-seeing (yes, flight-seeing) all have in common?  If you’re short on an answer, a quick hint is that all three inspire, make us smile...  Read More

Alaska Train and Railroad Jobs are Just the Ticket

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Photo used through creative commons license by Brian Many consider Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” one of America’s greatest musical hits of all time.  It seems, though, the group might have gotten the lyrics of the song wrong.  As anyone who’s worked a summer job on a train traveling through...  Read More

Why a Job at The Westmark Inn Skagway Will Blow your Mind

by ATJ Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Downtown Skagway has one heck of a “wow” factor!
Downtown Skagway has one heck of a “wow” factor! Source.   Over a century ago, Skagway was the starting place for more than 40,000 frenzied GoldRush enthusiasts. Today, you can easily grab your own golden nugget with a job at Skagway’s Westmark Inn. Actually, it’s more of a once in...  Read More