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From abundant wildlife to aurora borealis, there’s a lot to love in Alaska. Read first-hand encounters on what it’s like to live in the Last Frontier and fall in love. You may not want to leave!

Driving the Alcan Highway: 10 Sights Not to Miss

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This road, which stretches and winds through more than 1,400-plus miles of Alaska and Canadian landscapes, may seem desolate at times. However, there are plenty of stops and wonderful sights to see along the way. Here are 10 not to miss. 1. Dawson Creek Not to be confused with Dawson...  Read More

8 Exciting Things About the Aurora Borealis

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Maybe it’s because scientists still don’t fully understand it. Maybe it’s because the aurora only appear in fairly remote places, or simply because they are breathtakingly beautiful. Whatever the reason, the aurora borealis, or Northern lights, captivate people today just as much as they have for centuries. People come to...  Read More

Top 10 Facts about Fairbanks for Visitors

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Fairbanks, Alaska, is a pretty special place. Not only is it one of the state’s largest cities and just down the road from Denali National Park and Preserve, it’s a bouncing-off point for trips into Alaska’s remote villages, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Gates of the Arctic National Park....  Read More

Top 10 Facts About Juneau That Will Make You Sound Like A Local

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Aerial Alaska View
Alaska’s capital city, Juneau has a rich history and magnificent landscape—so it’s no wonder it attracts boatloads of visitors each year. Nestled in the Alaska panhandle, between the Gulf of Alaska and British Columbia, the Juneau area is almost as large as the states of Rhode Island and Delaware put...  Read More

5 of the Best Places to Work in Alaska for Outdoor Adventure

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Outdoor Alaska
Photo by Paxson Woelber If you love outdoor adventures, living and working in Alaska might be the best of both worlds—especially if it’s in one of these five places. Instead of working hard to save up for a vacation someplace near mountains, ocean, wildlife, and all sorts of outdoor sports...  Read More

9 Alaska Photos That Will Make You Melt

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Alaska’s landscapes aren’t just extreme; they’re also diverse enough to make just about anyone sigh. Massive, glacier-covered mountains? Check. Rugged, wildlife-covered coastline? Check. Meadows filled with rainbows of wildflowers? Check. This place is beautiful and pristine beyond belief. But you don’t have to take our word for it—these photos speak...  Read More

Minecraft Alaska

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Building an Alaska Village from Discovery Works
Building an Alaska Village from Discovery Works   If you dream in pixels, or if you’ve actually tried mining for coal in your backyard, then odds are you know a little bit (or too much) about Minecraft. Either way, the challenge is now on.   For your next Minecraft mission,...  Read More

Top 10 Snowshoeing Destinations in Alaska

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If you can walk, odds are you can also snowshoe. It’s a relatively easy sport that provides a great source of exercise. When you snowshoe in Alaska, it not only gets the blood pumping, but it provides a unique and memorable way to capture the state’s beauty and wonder. Need...  Read More

Why Thanksgiving in Alaska is Epic

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What came first…the chicken or the egg?  Who really cares when we’re approaching Thanksgiving Day!  This is the time of the year when the chicken takes a backseat to the turkey, right?  Wait a second, we’re dealing with Alaska.  Alaskans do eat turkey, correct? Of course they do.  But, consider...  Read More

Our 10 Favorite Fishing Rivers in Alaska

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It’s no secret that Alaska offers some of the finest fishing in the United States, if not the world. But the state itself is huge and over 12,000 rivers call Alaska their home. So how do you even begin to discover your favorite fishing hole? Don’t stress. Just get your...  Read More