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Off the Clock

All work and no play? Forget it. Part of the joy of working in Alaska is experiencing life off the clock. Read about the adventures and experiences our employees enjoy with new friends in a new landscape.

Off the Clock: 9 Things to Do in Skagway

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Some small towns just have more to do than others—like, Skagway, Alaska, for example. It’s small, with a population not much higher than 1,000, but its historic role in the Klondike gold rush makes it a great place to visit. It’s been developed for tourism, since it’s one of the...  Read More

5 Extreme Winter Sports to Try in Alaska

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Lots of places are cold and snowy, but few have the reputation for extremes that Alaska does—which makes it the perfect place to try out an extreme sport. Forget summer’s comforts—the short, chilly days of winter are where much of Alaska’s adventure awaits. If you’re up north for the winter...  Read More

Join a Curling Club in Anchorage

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Looking for something fun to do in the off-season while working in Anchorage? Consider that the “on” season for curling starts in October and ends in April, making it the perfect Alaska winter social event. Why not join a curling club to make friends while learning a new activity? What...  Read More

Off the Clock: 9 Things to Do in Juneau After Your Shift

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You’ll be busy at work during your summer job in Juneau, but you chose to work here for a reason – you want to experience this beautiful state and enjoy some outdoor activities, too. We came up with nine fun things to do in Juneau when you’re off the clock...  Read More

Off The Clock: 8 Things To Do In Anchorage After Your Shift

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Public Transit
At about 400,000 people, Anchorage isn’t the biggest city—but it draws an interesting variety of people. Which means the after-hours options are just as interesting. The great outdoors always offers endless opportunities for exploration and entertainment. But when your hiking boots need a break, there is still plenty to do...  Read More

Sports Leagues To Join In Anchorage During the Summer

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Softball in Alaska
Photo by Justin Connaher One of the biggest perks of taking a seasonal job is making new friends. Getting involved in a local sports league is a great way to do that, because they’re open to people with all levels of experience, and from all walks of life. Whether you’re...  Read More

Work A Summer In Alaska While Receiving College Credit

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Photo by Mer Chau
photo by Mer Chau Think you can’t go to college and work a travel job at the same time? Think again. While other students are sticking close to home for their credits, you could be spending the summer near the Arctic Circle in Fairbanks, Alaska, earning both college credit and...  Read More

Top 10 Snowshoeing Destinations in Alaska

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If you can walk, odds are you can also snowshoe. It’s a relatively easy sport that provides a great source of exercise. When you snowshoe in Alaska, it not only gets the blood pumping, but it provides a unique and memorable way to capture the state’s beauty and wonder. Need...  Read More

When the Sun Goes Down: Nightlife in Alaska

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Nightlife in Alaska
Alaska is famous for its natural beauty and wildlife, but you may be surprised at just how much there is to see and do when the sun goes down – yes, even in the backcountry. Whether you’re finishing up a rafting trip or have spent all day booking tours for...  Read More

Off the Clock: 10 Things to do in Fairbanks After Your Shift

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  After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite like heading home and watching TV for the next five hours. Or at least, that would be the case if Fairbanks didn’t have a healthy helping of after work activities to offer. Whether you’re looking to get that blood moving,...  Read More