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Off the Clock

All work and no play? Forget it. Part of the joy of working in Alaska is experiencing life off the clock. Read about the adventures and experiences our employees enjoy with new friends in a new landscape.

Lifetime Friendships: Why Seasonal Jobs Lead to Strong Personal Bonds

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There’s nothing quite like traveling. The feeling of utter freedom to go wherever you want to is both empowering and scary at the same time. Having a seasonal job evokes similar feelings of independence and vulnerability, which is a large reason why seasonal employees tend to create friendships that last...  Read More

The Best Summer Solstice Celebrations in the World

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solstice sunset at stonehenge
It doesn’t matter where you are the in the world – our heliocentric sense of time cycles us through seasons of darkness and short days, followed by those of rebirth and late twilights. As the sun reaches its highest point of the calendar year and seems to stands still on...  Read More

The Coolest Adventure Races on the Planet

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wilderness runner
Something about Alaska’s rugged landscape and wide-open skies seems to invite exploration. Great journeys can begin anywhere in the world, but it should come as no surprise that a couple of the world’s coolest outdoor adventure races would take place amid the wild terrain of the New Frontier. In adventure...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: 7 Ways to Have Fun in the Midnight Sun

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baseball player swinging
Many travelers come home from Alaska remarking on having seen locals out gardening at midnight. And it’s true. During Alaskan summers, the days are very, very long—in a good way. We take this opportunity to share with you some of our favorite activities to fill our plentiful daylight hours. Midnight...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: Best Bars

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Aurora Ice Sculpture Igloo Bar Alaska
Alaska is a state of vast wilderness and wide open spaces. It has the largest land area of any state in the US, a whopping 432 times the size of the smallest, Rhode Island, but also one of the smallest populations. This might lead one to believe that the people...  Read More

12 Hottest Bands in Alaska

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Most residents of the lower 48 don’t know much about Alaska musicians beyond Jewel. But the rugged lifestyle and beautiful terrain continue to inspire musicians of all genres. And one of the perks of Alaska jobs is checking out the music scene in your new city. Here are twelve hot...  Read More

7 Alaskan Experiences to Write Home About

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Alaska Stamp Postmark
Alaska. The Last Frontier. Land of the Midnight Sun. The names just scream romance and adventure. Here are seven experiences you can look forward to when you sign on to work in Alaska. Getting Close to Wildlife Alaska is filled with exciting animals, and with the lowest population density in...  Read More

9 Unexpected Ways to Serve Salmon at Your Next BBQ

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Salmon sushi nigiri
Alaska is famous for wild salmon. And we all know how delicious this king fish is smoked and grilled. If your Copper River expedition is overly successful, try one of these innovative ways for you and your guests to enjoy fresh, wild salmon: Sushi The Japanese recognized long ago that...  Read More

Skiing in Alaska

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One of our employees' favorite off-the-clock activities is to hit the slopes. Here's a look at some of the excellent skiing options in Alaska....  Read More

Eric- Server

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I awoke in the claustrophobic confines of my tent, my breath crystallizing in the morning air.  I rolled out into the grass running along the natural gas fields I had camped next to.  Thirty feet to my left was a busy two lane highway cutting through the middle of Wyoming....  Read More