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Off the Clock

All work and no play? Forget it. Part of the joy of working in Alaska is experiencing life off the clock. Read about the adventures and experiences our employees enjoy with new friends in a new landscape.

Anchorage Day Off Guide

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Fun Things to do in Anchorage Three words: Anchorage is awesome. A modern, major city surrounded by snow-capped mountains, salmon-filled rivers, and some of the best adventures the state has to offer. Our Anchorage employees chime in to make sure you’re making the most of your down time. Get up...  Read More

Why Alaska Summer Jobs Are Great For Seniors

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‘ One of the most nagging issues senior citizens must face when starting retirement is how to spend their new abundance of free time. While the downtime is often exactly what retirees seek, for many it eventually dissolves into boredom and creates a thirst to do something more productive. This...  Read More

The Joy of Fishing in Alaska

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Everyone has their own reasons why they love visiting Alaska. Thrill seekers can’t get enough of the river rafting and skiing, while nature lovers relish the solitude of a hike into the Alaskan wilderness. No matter which way you look at it, there is truly something for everyone in this...  Read More

Josh- Driver Guide

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I started with Holland America-Princess in the spring of 2008. I discovered the job through a fellow teammate while we were driving school bus in Dawson City. I started in the spring of 2008 as a driver in the Tombstone Territorial Park assisting the guides and in 2009 started giving...  Read More

Miranda- Guest Service Host

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It was after 6 long years of a drowning career in healthcare, that I sought out a place that could provide me the chance for adventure, and a time to use my marketing background. I came across the Holland America a Holland America guest service jobs posting on cruise job...  Read More

Cameron- Guest Services Manager

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It was summer of 2005 and my sister said that I would love it in Alaska and the Yukon. She had been working in Skagway, Alaska for a season and had a great experience with the company. The following season I applied to be a Tour Director, was hired on...  Read More

Becky, Customer Service Manager

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Alaska?  Sure, that sounds interesting!   One spring morning, many moons ago a friend called and was driving across the US on her way from New York to Alaska.  She asked if I wanted to tag along and work in Alaska for the summer.  I was currently working in St. Louis...  Read More

John- Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge

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I first came to Alaska in 1995 for a summer vacation with my brother Charlie. My first couple of years in Alaska I was an independent gold miner with a serious case of gold fever.  I never seemed to strike it rich and I was hurting for cash. My brother...  Read More

Hanni- Anchorage Transportation

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I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Growing up, I was well aware of the high volume of tourists that ventured to The Last Frontier in the summers, and I couldn’t blame them. Not only does Alaska have a breathtaking landscape, but the people that live here share an...  Read More

Celeste- Ketchikan

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My trek to Ketchikan, Alaska was an unusual one.  I’m from New Jersey and I was employed as an Account Executive for a finance company in midtown Manhattan.  I had been in this position for almost a year, after originally being trained as a credit analyst and commercial lender in...  Read More