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5 Advantages of a Seasonal Job

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Desk Jobs Suck
When you first answered the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” chances are you pictured something glamorous like astronaut or ballerina (maybe even an astronaut ballerina). Now, many years and aptitude tests later, you still can’t see yourself sitting behind a desk from 9-5 every...  Read More

12 Hottest Bands in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Most residents of the lower 48 don’t know much about Alaska musicians beyond Jewel. But the rugged lifestyle and beautiful terrain continue to inspire musicians of all genres. And one of the perks of Alaska jobs is checking out the music scene in your new city. Here are twelve hot...  Read More

7 Alaskan Experiences to Write Home About

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Alaska Stamp Postmark
Alaska. The Last Frontier. Land of the Midnight Sun. The names just scream romance and adventure. Here are seven experiences you can look forward to when you sign on to work in Alaska. Getting Close to Wildlife Alaska is filled with exciting animals, and with the lowest population density in...  Read More

9 Unexpected Ways to Serve Salmon at Your Next BBQ

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Salmon sushi nigiri
Alaska is famous for wild salmon. And we all know how delicious this king fish is smoked and grilled. If your Copper River expedition is overly successful, try one of these innovative ways for you and your guests to enjoy fresh, wild salmon: Sushi The Japanese recognized long ago that...  Read More

10 Cutest Baby Animals of Alaska and What to Call Them

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Brown bear cub
There is more to Alaska’s natural beauty than glaciers and mountains. Home to over 60 species of mammals, Alaska boasts some of the cutest baby animals in the world. Keep reading for fun facts about these adorable critters and to learn what baby whales and baby moose have in common....  Read More

Alaska Endangered Species Photos

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Alaska isn’t just an excellent place for people to vacation to; it’s also a crucial place of refuge for many endangered species.  The vast majority of Alaska is untouched by humans, providing an unspoiled habitat for species that have had theirs taken away elsewhere.  Alaska is home to several official...  Read More

Beautiful Alaska Spring Photos

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, The Alaska Experience Blog
Take a look at these stunning photos of spring time in Alaska....  Read More

Stunning Photos of the 5 Tallest Mountains in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, The Alaska Experience Blog
Alaska is home to the 5 tallest mountains in North America. Take a closer look at these majestic peaks....  Read More

Skiing in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
One of our employees' favorite off-the-clock activities is to hit the slopes. Here's a look at some of the excellent skiing options in Alaska....  Read More

Eric- Server

by rosen Posted in Off the Clock
I awoke in the claustrophobic confines of my tent, my breath crystallizing in the morning air.  I rolled out into the grass running along the natural gas fields I had camped next to.  Thirty feet to my left was a busy two lane highway cutting through the middle of Wyoming....  Read More