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Laurel – Supervisor – Seattle Port Operations

by ATJ Posted in Goin' Cruisin'
Ever heard of “Take Your Son /Daughter to Work” day? Well, I’ve taken that to a whole new level! With my kids growing up and moving out of the house, I began looking for something to keep me busy on the weekends. I had recently booked an upcoming Princess cruise...  Read More

Bill – Supervisor – Seattle Port Ops

by ATJ Posted in Goin' Cruisin'
Who’d ever think that the tools required for work would be a squirt pistol and a tiara? But that is jumping a bit ahead of the story; let’s start at the beginning during the winter of 2005. I had been retired for the past five years and was running out...  Read More

Jason – Supervisor – The Cruise Experience

by ATJ Posted in Goin' Cruisin'
“Cruising? Isn’t that for old people?” You don’t know how many times over the years I have heard this statement, and it always makes me laugh to myself. But, before I became involved in this part of the travel industry, I admit that I thought the same thing to myself....  Read More

William – Driver Guide

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, Off the Clock, Only in Alaska
The Greatest Summer Ever! “How’d you get from Texas to Alaska?” This is a question I have heard more times than I can count this summer. It seems every tour group I take out wants to know the answer to this question. My reply? “Surfing the Internet!” I get responses...  Read More

James – Driver Guide

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, Off the Clock, Only in Alaska
In 2002 I retired from my job in City Government and decided to try the adventure of a lifetime, that of visiting Alaska. Alaska was my homeland for a short period of my childhood, living both in Anchorage and Juneau. It was a tremendous honor to return to Alaska and...  Read More

David – Driver Guide

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, Off the Clock, Only in Alaska
“Why do you live here?” It’s a question I’m often asked when I tell people that Ketchikan is one of the rainiest city in North America. I was standing there by my coach, loading passengers on a Saturday morning when the question came up again. It’s not an easy question,...  Read More

Celeste – Assistant Transportation Services Manager

by ATJ Posted in Goin' Cruisin', I ♥ Alaska, Off the Clock, Only in Alaska
My trek to Ketchikan, Alaska was an unusual one. I’m from New Jersey and in 2005 I was employed as an Account Executive for a finance company in midtown Manhattan. I had been in this position for almost a year, after originally being trained as a credit analyst and commercial...  Read More

Katie – Passenger Services Representative

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
I moved to Juneau, Alaska in January of 2006 and was desperate for a job. At the SOA Juneau Job Services, they handed me a flyer for AlaskaTourJobs, and I thought it was too good to be true. I grew up in Wyoming and didn’t know much about the cruise...  Read More

Matt – Whittier Supervisor

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock, Only in Alaska, Tales from the Rail
I first drove up the Alcan Highway in the summer of 1999. I am no stranger to traveling and to long road trips, but this was a whole new adventure. I was driving north to Alaska! I packed my truck with everything I owned and hit the road. Camped all...  Read More

Cody – Social Coordinator

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
My name is Cody and I am the Social Coordinator for the 2008 MPL Season. I come from Tiffin, OH, where I spent the last 3 1/2 years attending Heidelberg College, majoring in Music (Voice Performance) and Psychology. I began my search for summer employment in mid-November when I decided...  Read More