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Day Off Fun in Fairbanks

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Making Friends in Fairbanks What’s on the Menu? Pike’s Landing Restaurant and the Pump House have casual decks that overlook the river. Leave the PB and J for another day. Use your day off to get out, indulge your “epicurious” side and sample truly Alaskan Fairbanks fare. Our mini-boomtown has...  Read More

Denali Day Off Guide

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Denali is not a destination for the homebody at heart. Denali is a place for adventure and outdoors, for hard work and even harder play. It’s a place where fellow employees become family. A place of epic scenery, unlimited exploration – and yes, a fair-sized city not too far away....  Read More

Copper River Day Off Guide

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Past summer employees are here to help you make the most out of your next day off Make Friends On Your Day Off Get Hooked on Fishing The gravel bar, a steep hike down off The Point, is the hot spot for employee fishing. It is a great place to...  Read More

Whitehorse Day Off Guide

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Whitehorse is nestled in the limitless scenery and lush wilderness of Canada’s Yukon Territory, and houses 3/4 of all of Yukon’s population. It’s the perfect balance of society and solitary in North America’s untouched landscape. There is a wealth of things to discover, both in a summer or year-round! What...  Read More

Skagway Day Off Guide

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Skagway Secrets, Hot Spots, Hikes, and More “Staying in Skagway for your Alaska summer job? Skagway is the Gateway to the Klondike, a small town flanked by high peaks and steeped in gold rush history. Just like the gold miners who staked their claim here centuries ago, when you leave...  Read More

Ketchikan Day Off Guide

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A bustling community meets true Alaskan tradition in Ketchikan. This “First City” is home to endless opportunities, no matter what interests you. Between exploring the vast outdoors, rocking out in a boppin’ nightlife, and making some incredible Alaskan friends, your summer in Ketchikan will be unforgettable. When You’re Feeling Social...  Read More

Juneau Day Off Guide

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Grab a Paddle and Hit the Rivers Juneau is only accessible by water or by air, so you’d better believe there are countless kayaking, rafting and canoeing opportunities. Here are a couple of our favorites. Douglas Island: Our friends at Alaska Travel Adventures will lend out kayaks if there are...  Read More

Anchorage Day Off Guide

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Fun Things to do in Anchorage Three words: Anchorage is awesome. A modern, major city surrounded by snow-capped mountains, salmon-filled rivers, and some of the best adventures the state has to offer. Our Anchorage employees chime in to make sure you’re making the most of your down time. Get up...  Read More

Why Alaska Summer Jobs Are Great For Seniors

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
‘ One of the most nagging issues senior citizens must face when starting retirement is how to spend their new abundance of free time. While the downtime is often exactly what retirees seek, for many it eventually dissolves into boredom and creates a thirst to do something more productive. This...  Read More

7 Essentials for Your Summer Job in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Alaska is truly the last frontier of the American experience.  No other state provides such a wide variety of memorable activities. From camping to fishing to hunting, Alaska offers an exhilarating outdoor experience in all corners of its territory. If you’ve secured one of this year’s many exciting summer jobs...  Read More