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Why I Like to Work Here: Brittany Boggs- Wait Staff, Anchorage Westmark Hotel

by rosen Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
I don’t like working at the Westmark, I LOVE it! Everyone is like family to me. There are so many fun, unique personalities here at the Westmark Anchorage Hotel. I have formed so many great friendships at work that will last a lifetime. It is also such an amazing experience...  Read More

Beate Wilson- Gift Shop Clerk

by rosen Posted in I ♥ Alaska
I started my work in May 2009 at a seasonal position in the Gift shop. I was then hired as a full time employee all year round and I love it. Being in retail for the last 20 years- I love this job in this small, but busy, Gift shop. ...  Read More

A Day In The Life: Dawson City Transportation, Fleet Detail Crew

by rosen Posted in A Day In The Life
Dawson City Transportation, Fleet Detail Crew- Al Sider As a member of the Holland America-Princess Yukon/Alaska team, working as a Fleet Detailer in the vicinity of Dawson City, Yukon, this job seems thankless and unrewarding. Please understand that it only seems this way….because with the correct attitude this job can...  Read More

Why I Like to Work Here: Elena Joludeva- Fleet Detailer, Anchorage Transportation

by rosen Posted in Why I Like to Work Here
Hi! My name is Elena and I am from Moldova.  I have been working for Holland America-Princess for 2 summers.  It has been the most wonderful experience in my life.  Maybe for somebody washing coaches sounds boring and hard but in reality there is a lot of fun.  I met...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: 7 Ways to Have Fun in the Midnight Sun

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
baseball player swinging
Many travelers come home from Alaska remarking on having seen locals out gardening at midnight. And it’s true. During Alaskan summers, the days are very, very long—in a good way. We take this opportunity to share with you some of our favorite activities to fill our plentiful daylight hours. Midnight...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: Must-Have Packing List

by ATJ Posted in Only in Alaska
Swimsuit Polar Bear Swim
Even the most seasoned travelers have had the unfortunate experience of getting to their destination only to realize that, oops, they forgot something. It’s always important to make out a packing list and to check it twice before you leave. However, when you’re heading off to Alaska there are a...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: Delicacies of the Last Frontier

by ATJ Posted in In the Kitchen
Delicious Alaskan Dishes You Must Try Eating local is a big deal for foodies these days, and the foods of Alaska are some of the best in the world. Here are some specialties to try when you’re exploring the Last Frontier. Reindeer Don’t tell Rudolph, but reindeer meat is leaner...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: Best Bars

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
Aurora Ice Sculpture Igloo Bar Alaska
Alaska is a state of vast wilderness and wide open spaces. It has the largest land area of any state in the US, a whopping 432 times the size of the smallest, Rhode Island, but also one of the smallest populations. This might lead one to believe that the people...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: 10 Weird Alaska Attractions to See Before Your Die

by ATJ Posted in Only in Alaska
Alaska has always had a personality all its own. So when we say we’re sharing our favorite quirky and wonderful tourist attractions with you, we mean business. Anyone looking for things to do in Alaska should check out this list. Hammer Museum, Haines, AK “If I had a hammer…” Some...  Read More

5 Advantages of a Seasonal Job

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Desk Jobs Suck
When you first answered the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” chances are you pictured something glamorous like astronaut or ballerina (maybe even an astronaut ballerina). Now, many years and aptitude tests later, you still can’t see yourself sitting behind a desk from 9-5 every...  Read More