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8 Different Characters You’re Sure to Meet in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Characters you will meet in Alaska
Alaska is the land of moose, caribou, midnight sun, and a host of characters you’ll only find here on the last frontier. In fact, you’ll have just as much fun turning those spotting scopes towards town as you will towards that massive nest of bald eagles. Look at that –...  Read More

Off the Clock: 10 Things to do in Fairbanks After Your Shift

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
  After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite like heading home and watching TV for the next five hours. Or at least, that would be the case if Fairbanks didn’t have a healthy helping of after work activities to offer. Whether you’re looking to get that blood moving,...  Read More

You’re Not Done Yet: 10 Alaska Activities to do Before Summer Ends

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
  Just because your summer job has come to an end, doesn’t mean your Alaskan adventure is ancient history quite yet. In fact, with your final paycheck in hand, it’s just beginning! Here is an up close and personal look at the top 10 activities to check off your bucket...  Read More

Teaching the Gold Rush, Part 2: How the Alaska Gold Rush Saved America

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Can you imagine how the prospectors looked when they came back from the Yukon? Frazzled and filthy, skinny and strong, their eyes alight with adventure. They had left their friends and family behind to travel into the unknown only to be met with snowstorms, crooks, and the quiet test of...  Read More

Teaching the Klondike Gold Rush, Part 1: the All-Canada Trail

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Teaching the Gold Rush One facet of Alaskan lore that folks never tire hearing about is the Yukon Gold Rush. And why not? Everyone dreams of striking it rich, and some people did just that here on Yukon soil.  Of course, it also spurs a lot of questions. Who were...  Read More

Back Packing Essentials: 9 Items You Need for Hiking in Alaska.

by ATJ Posted in Only in Alaska
Alaska Wilderness
Alaska is the perfect place to go for a hike. Everywhere you look, wildflowers cover the landscape, mountains dominate the sky, and pristine forests hide curious wildlife. But before you walk into the woods unprepared, make sure you have all the essentials for hiking in Alaska. We’re going to assume...  Read More

4 Easy Tips for Your Epic Summer in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
Woman in Alaska Snow
When you choose to spend a summer in Alaska, you know you’re in for something special. America’s largest state is home to unforgettable experiences (northern lights, anyone?), gorgeous landscapes (hello Mt. McKinley!), and mouthwatering cuisine (more crab than I can ever eat? I take that as a challenge!). But before...  Read More

Lifetime Friendships: Why Seasonal Jobs Lead to Strong Personal Bonds

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock, The Alaska Experience Blog, Why I Like to Work Here
There’s nothing quite like traveling. The feeling of utter freedom to go wherever you want to is both empowering and scary at the same time. Having a seasonal job evokes similar feelings of independence and vulnerability, which is a large reason why seasonal employees tend to create friendships that last...  Read More

What Nature Gave Alaska

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, Only in Alaska, Why I Like to Work Here
From sunlight to glaciers, Alaska has an abundance of natural resources. We celebrated Alaska’s natural bounty with a quirky infographic. Learn some pretty impressive facts about Alaska in a memorable way. Impress Alaskan natives, win trivia night, or share this infographic with your favorite teacher for a fun learning experience....  Read More

Best Hiking Trails in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
With 6 million acres of pristine wilderness in Denali National Park alone, Alaska’s landscapes are a feast for those who prize exploration. Soaring walls of rock, living glaciers, wildflower-splashed meadows, and stirring coastline are there to be witnessed for anyone with a solid pair of hiking shoes, a sturdy pack,...  Read More