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Bella – Trapper Creek Homestead Tour

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, Off the Clock, Only in Alaska
A mother could be proud of a daughter like Janelle. Raised in the wilderness since age three, Janelle is the essence of what it means to be Alaskan. Although there is power and water in the original homestead which her parents built with their own hands, she herself now lives...  Read More

Bella – Outfitter

by ATJ Posted in Goin' Cruisin', Only in Alaska
This is where my story begins: February 2007 Gold Canyon RV & Golf Resort, Gold Canyon, Arizona “I’m thinking it’s about time for a cruise this summer. What do you think, Bella?” asks my sister, Karen. We had just emerged from the swimming pool and doing our exercise routine. Toweling...  Read More

Mindy – Human Resources Manager

by ATJ Posted in Friendliest Catch: Fishing in Alaska, I ♥ Alaska, Off the Clock, Only in Alaska
While working as an associate academic advisor my final year at UW Madison, a fellow colleague was always sharing stories of her post college experience with Princess. The lure of the backpack-able “Final Frontier” paired with her recommendation had me scanning the web for any positions loosely related to the...  Read More

Rick – Hotel Services Manager

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
I began working for Princess Tours in 1999 while in college. Truth be told, I was looking for nothing more than a fun summer job in an exotic location. Eight years later what I found was a career in one of the most beautiful locations on earth working with people...  Read More

Amanda – Housekeeping Lead

by ATJ Posted in Off the Clock
I had applied to many places for seasonal work through Alaska. When Rick called to interview me for a housekeeping position, we talked for about a half hour before he asked me to come in a week earlier to fill a lead position. So far the job has been exactly...  Read More

Allan & Verginiya – 2007

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, In the Kitchen, Off the Clock, The Alaska Experience Blog
Allan and Verginiya met in the summer of 2004. He was the PM Sous Chef and she was a laundry attendant. Originally he came from the east coast but had been working in the Florida Keys for eight years before moving to Alaska. She was from a little town in...  Read More

Joy – Administrative Assistant

by ATJ Posted in Only in Alaska
In the summer of 2002, my husband and I came to Alaska and spent the summer just being tourists and bumming around in our RV. It was a dream of a lifetime and we knew that we loved Alaska and wanted to return. We also knew that it was a...  Read More

Rolin – Assistant Maintenance Manager

by ATJ Posted in Goin' Cruisin'
Hello, my name is Rolin . I have been a Princess employee since March 1st of 2000. I wanted a summer job in Alaska and I wanted to work at the “best” Lodge in Fairbanks. The Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge fit’s that requirement . The reason I stay with Princess...  Read More

Rick – Bartender

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska, Only in Alaska
This is Rick, a bartender here at Princess in Fairbanks. I came back to Alaska for another summer job in Alaska, making this my third season at Princess. I first came to Alaska working for Princess in Copper River. Why did I leave the lower 48? Why do I keep...  Read More

Codie – Administrative Assistant

by ATJ Posted in Goin' Cruisin', I ♥ Alaska, Only in Alaska
My name is Codie Villalobos. March of this year marked my 10th year of what was supposed to be my summer job in Alaska “just for the season”. I began working for the Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge in the summer of 1998. I was hired as a seasonal Front Desk...  Read More