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Off the Clock: 6 Things to Do in Copper River After Your Shift

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
The Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge sits at the gateway to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. With 13.2 million acres of virtually untouched wilderness, there’s a lot to explore here after your shift ends. Here are 6 of our favorites! Hiking and backpacking The largest national park in the United States,...  Read More

Driving the Alcan Highway: 10 Sights Not to Miss

by ATJ Posted in I ♥ Alaska
This road, which stretches and winds through more than 1,400-plus miles of Alaska and Canadian landscapes, may seem desolate at times. However, there are plenty of stops and wonderful sights to see along the way. Here are 10 not to miss. 1. Dawson Creek Not to be confused with Dawson...  Read More

How to Get Around Alaska Without a Car

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Want to work in Alaska for the summer, but don’t have a car? Don’t worry! You won’t need one to work for us, and there are plenty of alternatives for getting around on your days off. Here are some of our suggestions for traveling around Alaska. Shuttle When you’re working...  Read More

Off the Clock: 9 Things to Do in Dawson City, Yukon

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Working in Dawson City, Yukon
From the history of Jack London to Yukon’s stunning scenery, there is so much to see and learn in Dawson City. Here’s a list of activities we recommend doing once you’re done with your shift. Literary types and history buffs will especially get a kick out of spending a summer...  Read More

Our 6 Favorite Places to Bike in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Best Bike Spots in Alaska
Alaska has some of the most scenic bike trails in the world. Biking can be both an excellent way to stay in shape and see the state during your time as a summer employee with us! Here are some of our favorite rides, although in a state larger than California,...  Read More

4 Unique Alaska Traditions to Engage In

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Alaska Traditions to Experience When Visiting Alaska
If you’re working in Alaska, you’ll want to learn about the cultural traditions that demonstrate a strong sense of respect for the land, a celebration of things unique to Alaska or a way of honoring its history. Engaging in these activities will help you understand Alaska’s depth of diversity and...  Read More

6 Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy a Summer Job at the Westmark Skagway

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Landing a Summer Job at Westmark Skagway
The Westmark Skagway is a seasonal hotel located in the center of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park in the heart of downtown Skagway. A summer job in this exciting place can be one of the best experiences of your life! Here are six reasons why we think it’s...  Read More

The Financial Benefits of Working in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Monetary Reasons to Work in Alaska
While Alaska’s cost of living might be higher than some places in the lower 48 – it’s harder to transport goods here, after all – there are many financial benefits to working in Alaska. Factor in the positives like a daily overtime pay policy and the absence of state sales...  Read More

What Makes an Unforgettable Hotel Worker

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Unforgettable Hotel Worker
There are those who work in the hospitality industry who come in just for the paycheck and those that genuinely like what they do, and it shows! Here are some characteristics we look for when we hire someone to work at our hotels. A sense of adventure Guests of our...  Read More

The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Moving to Alaska

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Important Things About Moving to Alaska
Thinking about a big move to The Last Frontier? Moving to America’s largest (and wildest) state can be the greatest adventure of your life. Here are seven things you need to know about moving here. 1. It’s not always snowy and cold If you’re starting your experience in Alaska during...  Read More