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Alaska – the Last Frontier. Be it seeing moose or eating salmon for the first time, going to bed in the middle of the night with the sun still shining, or hiking to the top of a snow-capped mountain, this great state hosts a whole array of unique, only-in-Alaska experiences. Read about them here.

4 National Parks You Should Visit This Summer in Alaska

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National Parks To Visit in Alaska This Summer
Have you ever seen the blue ice of a glacial cave, or heard a glacier calve? Have you ever watched a pack of sled dogs mush? Have you fished alongside a brown bear? What about walked across the sealed cap of an active volcano? Check all these and more off...  Read More

The Best Summer Jobs in Alaska for Students

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Students Take Summer Jobs in Alaska
Visiting Alaska for the first time is a powerful experience at any age. When you’re young, it’s transformative. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing this summer, a seasonal job in Alaska could be the perfect opportunity to earn money, travel, and have the adventure of a lifetime. What kinds...  Read More

What Does It Take to Live in a Dry Cabin?

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Photo by Bjorn Bulthuis. Living in the woods, far away from the chaos of society can sure sound appealing. And Alaska is a great place to do that—many residents near towns like Fairbanks live full-time in dry cabins without plumbing. In fact, it’s difficult for builders to work with the...  Read More

Stargazing on the Southern Coast of Alaska

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Photo by Bureau of Land Management. Alaska earns accolades for many things, like its wildlife and its landscapes. But one of its best qualities often flies under the radar: its stargazing opportunities. The long, cold nights of Alaska’s winter provide dark skies excellent for viewing stars, aurora borealis and everything...  Read More

Alaska’s Most Haunted Landmarks and Places

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Do you believe in ghosts? Many Alaska residents do—because they claim to have seen them. Sometimes it’s in a cemetery, sometimes a hotel, sometimes even a school. Alaska’s history is rich with the kind of stories that lead to ghostly lore: accidents, tragedies, miners and husbands who never return from...  Read More

5 Extreme Summer Activities In Alaska

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Glacier Hiking and Climbing
  Photo used through creative commons license by Joseph   Alaska is a world of extremes—especially in its outdoor sports. It’s the biggest state, and almost everything about it seems to be super-sized or super remote, which means outdoor sports that feel extreme in other places feel even wilder in...  Read More

Back Packing Essentials: 9 Items You Need for Hiking in Alaska.

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Alaska Wilderness
Alaska is the perfect place to go for a hike. Everywhere you look, wildflowers cover the landscape, mountains dominate the sky, and pristine forests hide curious wildlife. But before you walk into the woods unprepared, make sure you have all the essentials for hiking in Alaska. We’re going to assume...  Read More

What Nature Gave Alaska

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From sunlight to glaciers, Alaska has an abundance of natural resources. We celebrated Alaska’s natural bounty with a quirky infographic. Learn some pretty impressive facts about Alaska in a memorable way. Impress Alaskan natives, win trivia night, or share this infographic with your favorite teacher for a fun learning experience....  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: Must-Have Packing List

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Swimsuit Polar Bear Swim
Even the most seasoned travelers have had the unfortunate experience of getting to their destination only to realize that, oops, they forgot something. It’s always important to make out a packing list and to check it twice before you leave. However, when you’re heading off to Alaska there are a...  Read More

The Unconventional Guide to Alaska: 10 Weird Alaska Attractions to See Before Your Die

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Alaska has always had a personality all its own. So when we say we’re sharing our favorite quirky and wonderful tourist attractions with you, we mean business. Anyone looking for things to do in Alaska should check out this list. Hammer Museum, Haines, AK “If I had a hammer…” Some...  Read More