Princess Alaska Jobs - Ketchikan

Living and Working in Ketchikan for Transportation and Guest Services

Ketchikan Tour Bus Drivers on Alaska Tour JobsKetchikan (also known as the Salmon Capital of the world) is located near the southern end of the Tongass National Forest, and is known as the “First City” as it is the first major city northbound along the Inside Passage of Alaska.  Native heritage is an important part of life in Ketchikan where traditions of totem pole carving and cedar box artwork are still practiced crafts. Totem Bight State Park boasts one of the largest concentrations of totem poles in the world and at Saxman Native Village, carvers still use traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.  A walk, or paddle, up Creek Street is always entertaining, especially during one of the many salmon runs through town.  The community of Ketchikan is very warm and welcoming to visitors and summer residents alike.

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  • Location: Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Number of Employees: Approximately 70
  • Housing Type: Employee housing available
  • Typical Season: Early May – Late September
  • Types of Jobs
    • Driver-Guides (CDL)
    • Driver-Guides (non-CDL)
    • Operations Supervisors (Dispatchers)
    • Passenger Service Representatives
    • Office/Administrative
    • Fleet detailers


Ketchikan is one of Alaska’s most unique communities. Here you will find the rugged beauty of the Alaskan wilderness mixing comfortably with a thriving community located in the Tongass National Forest, close to Misty Fiords National Monument.  With an area population of 13,000, there are grocery stores, a movie theater, numerous restaurants, and modern health care facilities.  There are many social activities including Community Theater, dances, concerts, and a Recreation Center.  Ketchikan is a well known as an “arts” town and is very vibrant with many fun and exciting activities throughout the year.  All major religious denominations have places of worship in Ketchikan.

In addition to a vibrant social side, the fishing is legendary!  Renting a skiff (at an employee discount) and exploring the islands and waterways of the inside passage is a popular pastime for our employees.  Other outdoor activities abound including hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, swimming, and many more.  On their days off, employees are encouraged to participate in the numerous fun and exciting tours offered to the cruise ship passengers at zero or minimal cost.  In Ketchikan, we like to say that we work and play hard!

Housing Options

Employee Housing

Ketchikan employee housing is situated on top of Cape Fox Hill and includes one of the most panoramic views in all of Ketchikan, overlooking the downtown and the waterfront. The housing consists of ten bedrooms with two beds per room with typically two employees per room. Each bedroom has phone and cable hookups that may be activated at the employee’s expense.  Separate from the bedrooms are six full bathrooms. Two laundry rooms each contain a washer, dryer, ironing board and iron, all free to use. Monthly Rate: $9.50 per person per day for first year employees.  Employee Housing amenities include:

  • Free wireless internet access
  • Common area with free cable TV and a DVD/VCR
  • House phone is provided; local calls are free and long distance requires a calling card.
  • Modern kitchen with a dishwasher, three refrigerators, one large freezer, electric range, and two microwaves.
  • House cleaning service is provided for common areas (includes bathrooms).
  • Housing residents can either supply and prepare their own food or visit one of the many local dining establishments.

Apartment Rentals
Prospective employees may contact the Ketchikan Office at 907-228-1700 for more information on additional housing options.

Why Work in Ketchikan?

A friendly family atmosphere, along with a vibrant and welcoming community and competitive pay scale, makes Ketchikan a great place to enjoy the summer. On days off employees can participate in the many exciting tours offered to the cruise ship passengers.  Also, upon successful completion of the terms of the employment agreement, an attractive discounted travel program is available including cruises with Princess Cruises & Holland America Line.

Earn College Credit

Employees who are enrolled in Holland America-Princess’ Commercial Driver Training Program in Alaska and out of state can register with the University of Alaska Summer Sessions program to receive 3 credits for ABUS 267, Transportation and Logistics management, a course in the Applied Business Department from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This is the first tour company in Alaska where students can earn university credits by completing the commercial driver training program. The credits are fully transferable. Contact your hiring manager for registration information.

The Ketchikan Day Off Guide has more great recreation ideas!


For Driver Guides, Roundtrip air transportation is provided between Ketchikan and Seattle at no cost to the employee, plus a fixed additional rate provided from recruiting divisions.  All employees are met at the airport upon arrival in Ketchikan. Those wishing to provide their own transportation to and from Ketchikan are reimbursed up to $550.00 for their roundtrip travel.  Please speak with the Ketchikan hiring manager for more information on travel arrangements. Due to the nature of the employment agreement this does not apply to employees who are hired under the J1 visa program.