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Whitehorse Seasonal Jobs

Alaska Activities

Located on the Yukon River, Whitehorse is the largest city in Yukon, Canada. Whitehorse hosts the famous Yukon Quest, an annual 1,000 mile sled dog race that is considered one of the most physically challenging races in the world.

In summer months, visitors can take advantage of the extensive trail system within Whitehorse city limits. These beautiful rustic trails are used for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and ATV’s. In fact, in Whitehorse, the wildlife and nature are an integral part of the town. The Yukon River also provides outdoor activities such as canoeing and kayaking. Employment opportunities abound in the Westmark Whitehorse Hotel & Conference Center, one of our popular destination spots for outdoor adventures.


Princess may offer air transportation arrangements to Whitehorse. Check with your hiring manager for more information.

Westmark Whitehorse

The Westmark Whitehorse Hotel & Conference Center sits in the hub of Downtown with access to local shops, restaurants, and a museum of Yukon history. Downtown Whitehorse is full of eclectic culture, local art, and opportunities for outdoor excursions.

Whitehorse Transportation

Come and experience the land of the midnight sun. We’re far enough North that sun hardly sets on a summer night before it comes right back up again. It gives you the opportunity to pack plenty of experiences into your time at Whitehorse.

Working for Whitehorse transportation operations allows you the unique opportunity to soak in the unique Alaskan culture in the capital of the Yukon while being surrounded by the Last Frontier, just waiting to be explored.

Whitehorse is a small enough city for you to get to know your neighbors, but big enough to keep you entertained all year round. There are plenty of pubs and eateries to mingle with the locals. When you want to get some fresh air, a 5-minute drive puts you out in the great wilderness that surrounds our city.

Through the variety of employment options we have, you will be able to help make our guests experience a once in a lifetime experience.