Minecraft Alaska

If you dream in pixels, or if you’ve actually tried mining for coal in your backyard, then odds are you know a little bit (or too much) about Minecraft. Either way, the challenge is now on.   For your next Minecraft mission, go bold, go daring and go Alaska-style. Check out these fun and informative tutorials to help breathe a little Alaska adventure into your Minecraft schemes.

Your Next Adventure Starts Here

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  • The final product from iOBu

    Build an Igloo

    Clear out some sheep and build a breath-taking igloo that would make any Eskimo jealous. This tutorial promises a “small house inside an igloo;” and it delivers. The final product includes an interior complete with a chandelier, an ice-enclosed bedroom, a jukebox, bookshelves, and even some witchcraft.


  • Samhonestguy shows us how to fish and cook our catch!

    Go Fishing

    This outing requires no fancy lures or expensive poles. Just build a bobber, watch it sink and land a lunker. The tutorial even shows how to cook your catch via a furnace. Now that’s fishing made complete!

  • Keith Fly presents a short, creepy, and totally rad film on ice fishing

    Ice Fishing

    Why limit your Minecraft fishing adventures to non-arctic conditions? Enjoy some snow and ice with this unique fishing expedition video. Just watch out for the creeper!


  • Go Dog Sledding

    According to the makers of this short video, “Me and my bud were messing around in my Minecraft house when out of boredom [we] laid some tracks down in a big square and got my dogs stuck to the carts.” What more incentive could there possibly be? The dogs don’t even bark and no food is required.


  • FanctBluPants builds a log cabin that will blow you away

    Build a Log Cabin

    This is a pretty quick and simple guide to build a charming rustic log cabin home. Actually, the producer of the tutorial refers to it as a “cute little cozy house” that is “like a breath of fresh air.” The end result includes a quality shelter with oak and spruce woods, cobblestone stairs, glass panes and even double doors. Creating a comfortable Alaska log home from the comfort of your couch? Now, that’s comfort!


  • TheDiamondMinecraft traps Prince the piggy

    Trap some Game

    We’re not sure if this will help you trap that next big moose or stealth-like fox, but you can certainly use these traps to send an irritating pig down a hole. The creative traps combine spikes, fake grass/sand coverings, invisible pressure plates and grass camouflage pressure plates. Happy hunting!


  • StudMuffinSam builds an epic seaplane

    Build a Seaplane

    Nothing says Alaska like a trusty seaplane ready for take-off. But save your frequent flyer miles and build your own aircraft. The final plane is not only great, but it’s “fabulous.”


  • Stampylonghead takes a tour of Prestige Sur La Mer

    Construct a Cruise Ship

    After booking your own ticket for a cruise along Alaska’s Inside Passage, try constructing your own seaworthy cruise ship. Get a tour of the Prestige Sur La Mer for inspirations on how to make your vessel shine (and hopefully float). This beauty of a ship boasts: stunning views from every deck, swimming pools, an ice skating ring, a night club, 90 furnished rooms, a mini-golf course, and even a soccer field.


  • Bonus Round!

    If your mad Minecraft skills are not even challenged with the above, then how about constructing an entire Alaska village? This guide combines “oil-rich industrial Alaska with the cold, snowy environment and the old wooden, fishing villages, native to Alaska’s people.” Make sure to send us some pictures!

  • If you’re looking to experience a sense of Alaska adventure, but just can’t make it off your couch or out of your home, no problem. Get your Minecraft game on and start constructing your next structure/event with some Alaska flare. Just be careful of the sheep and pigs!