9 Alaska Photos That Will Make You Melt

Alaska’s landscapes aren’t just extreme; they’re also diverse enough to make just about anyone sigh. Massive, glacier-covered mountains? Check. Rugged, wildlife-covered coastline? Check. Meadows filled with rainbows of wildflowers? Check. This place is beautiful and pristine beyond belief. But you don’t have to take our word for it—these photos speak 1,000 words. We dare you to scroll through them and not immediately start looking for plane tickets.

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  • Photo by Joseph

    If this shot of kayaking near Gull Island could speak one word, it would be: quiet. Alaska’s the perfect place to get away from it all, and paddling is one of the best ways to experience that peace and solitude.

  • Photo by Andrew E. Russell

    Part of Alaska’s scenic appeal is most certainly its wildlife. The glaciers are great, but add a humpback whale—like this one near the Holgate Glacier—or bald eagle or bear, and then you’ve got REAL scenery.

  • Photo by Andrew E. Russell

    Rainy weather in Homer gives a moody feel to the “halibut fishing capital of the world.”

  • Photo by Nic McPhee

    Some mountains are just too big to fit in the frame. Here, the road to Denali weaves away in the distance, and the peak looms large.

  • Photo by David McSpadden

    You’ll find more shades of blue than you’ve ever seen before in Alaska’s ice, snow and water—like in this shot taken in Chugach State Park.

  • Photo by Andrew E. Russell

    Ice caves feel like portals into a dream world. This one’s under the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska.

  • Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight

    As if Alaska’s beauty wasn’t enough to impress by day, its night sky lights up with the aurora borealis to wow visitors with flashes of color and graceful moving shapes.

  • Photo by David Kobuszewski

    Alaska’s rainforests are peaceful, green sanctuaries teeming with wildlife and flowing full of glacier melt.

  • Photo by capt_tain Tom

    As if green meadows, white snow-capped peaks, and bluebird skies weren’t enough, springtime in Alaska erupts with a rainbow of wildflowers.