Beautiful Alaska Spring Photos

Spring has sprung across the nation.  While warmer climes are cause for celebration in every corner of the country, in Alaska, spring is particularly meaningful.

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  • It means the return of daylight to northern areas of the state that experience perpetual darkness in the wintertime.  It’s also a time when Alaska goes through a remarkable transformation from white to green; all while native species emerge from their winter hibernation.

    Words only go so far in describing the beauty of spring time in Alaska, so we’ll let the images do the talking.  Here’s a closer look at this wonderful time to visit The Last Frontier.

  • white arctic fox

    An Arctic Fox searches for small prey after enduring the cold winter.

  • light blue forget-me-not flowers

    Alaskan wildflowers come out in full bloom in the spring.  Shown here are pale blue Forget-Me-Nots, the Alaska state flower.

  • glacier lake

    What was once a large ice field melts away to reveal a beautiful alpine lake.

  • A mama grizzly with her cubs might be the most adorable Alaska springtime scene… until you’re standing between them.

  • boats navigating chunks of ice in a lake

    Tourist vessels navigate among floating chunks of ice in Kenai Fjords National Park.

  • A moose calf gnaws on a sapling in the first spring of its life.

  • Muskoxen are known to roam some of the most remote areas of northern Alaska.