The Joy of Fishing in Alaska

Everyone has their own reasons why they love visiting Alaska. Thrill seekers can't get enough of the river rafting and skiing, while nature lovers relish the solitude of a hike into the Alaskan wilderness. No matter which way you look at it, there is truly something for everyone in this amazing state.

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  • One of the biggest draws of Alaska, however, is its unparalleled fishing opportunities. Alaska features some of the best fishing in the entire United States. Indeed, if you’re used to fishing in the lower 48, you’ll have to create new criteria as to what constitutes a “good” day of fishing after trying out Alaska. The fish are bigger, more bountiful, and put up stronger fights than anywhere else in America.

  • The images below will give you just a taste of what Alaskan angling is all about. Everyone has their own favorite method of fishing, so come up to Alaska and discover your own preferred style of this hobby that can last a lifetime.

  • Fishing is one of those pastimes with endless minutiae that will hold a person’s interest for decades. This flybox displays just a fraction of the types of patterns anglers use on Alaskan rivers. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • A beautiful Rainbow trout with its famous multi-color sheen. (Photo: FishEyeGuy)

  • Fishing is the ultimate hobby to share with your children. Lake fishing offers an ideal setting to get your kids hooked on this awesome sport! (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Anglers jockey for positions along the banks of the Kenai River near the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge as they engage in what Alaskans refer to as “combat fishing.” Space is so limited, it’s a fight just to have a spot to stand in the water! The annual summer sockeye salmon run is more than plentiful; everyone here will leave with tasty fish. (Photo: jripple)

  • Humans aren’t the only ones in the know about the annual salmon run! Man and beast share the same goal in this wild photo. (Photo: mpost)

  • Of course, it isn’t always a mob scene on the river! A majority of the time you can find all the peace and quiet you will ever need on Alaska’s endless streams and rivers. (Photo: Alaska in Pictures)

  • Lake fishing is the perfect way to spend a peaceful day on the water. Set out in a canoe and roam the still waters for that trophy trout. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Dolly Varden are another favorite target of Alaska’s fly fisherman. Dolly Varden are commonly found lurking amongst the salmon waiting for them to drop their eggs. (Photo: Alaska Fishing)

  • You knew halibut was tasty, but did you know it’s this ugly? They can be extremely fun to fish for, because these behemoths put up a major fight. The waters around Alaska are home to some of the biggest halibut in the world, occasionally weighing in at over 250 lbs! (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • A well-known angler-ism: a bad day on the water is still better than a great day at the office. And in Alaska, you’re guaranteed to be fishing amongst some of the best scenery this world has to offer. (Photo: Alaska 411)