Stunning Photos of the 5 Tallest Mountains in Alaska

They say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” but whoever came up with that surely hadn’t been to Alaska.

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  • Alaska is by far the biggest (more than twice the size of Texas), has the most miles of coast line, and holds the northernmost and westernmost points of any state in America.   But perhaps most notably of all, it also has the tallest mountains.

    If you were to make a list of the top five highest peaks in America, all five of them would be in Alaska.  So let’s take a look at these majestic peaks and find out why so many mountaineers fall in love with the Last Frontier.

  • Mt. McKinley

    •    Height: 20,320 ft.
    •    Tallest peak in North America
    •    First ascent: 1913

  • (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

    Mt. Saint Elias

    •    Height: 18,008 ft
    •    Second tallest peak in Saint Elias Mountain Range
    •    First ascent: 1897

  • (Photo credit:

    Mt. Foraker

    •    Height: 17,400 ft
    •    Second-tallest peak in the Alaska Mountain Range
    •    First ascent: 1934

  • (Photo credit:

    Mt. Bona

    •    Height: 16,550 ft
    •    Tallest volcano in the United States
    •    First ascent: 1930

  • Mt. Blackburn

    •    Height: 16,390 ft
    •    Tallest peak in the Wrangell Mountain Range
    •    First ascent: 1958

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