Alaska Train and Railroad Jobs are Just the Ticket

Many consider Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” one of America’s greatest musical hits of all time.  It seems, though, the group might have gotten the lyrics of the song wrong.  As anyone who’s worked a summer job on a train traveling through Alaska tells us, if a person is truly “looking for adventure,” and seeks to “get his motor running,” it’s not a highway that he’d be after.  It’s a railway!

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    Working with Princess Rail Tours is praised by many as one of Alaska’s most treasured employment opportunities.  Princess features premier luxury railcars that travel through the heart of Alaska’s interior.  While specific railroad jobs may vary in terms of location and description, all provide the perfect ticket to an amazing Alaskan summer.


  • Let the Adventure Begin!

    Alaska train and railroad jobs are truly an adventure of a lifetime that would get any person’s motor running.  Employment with Princess Rail Tours could mean your work “office” is onboard a luxury glass-domed railcar.  With 360-degree dome views, employees are treated to an almost never-ending display of the magic and beauty that Alaska has to offer.


    Princess Rail Tours also provides numerous tour options.  This means Alaska train and railroad jobs allow workers to truly personalize their own adventure.  Want to be in Anchorage in the morning and spend the evening in Fairbanks?  Done.  Want to work on a Seward train and experience a different part of Alaska?  Done.  Perhaps you want to stay in one location and contribute towards Princess Rail Tours’ ground-based operations.  This can be done as well.  Depending on specific employment positions, adventurists also have the flexibility of deciding to work during the day or at night.


  • Fun and Rewarding Opportunities

    Alaska train and railroad onboard positions include: tour guides, bartenders, food servers, cooks, onboard managers, shop clerks, stewards and club car attendants.  Some ground-based positions include: stockers, cleaners, maintenance assistants, stewards, and office assistants.  While onboard positions may provide workers with the opportunity to experience more of Alaska, ground-based positions are equally favorable since they provide workers with a greater sense of permanence and stability in one particular location.


    Despite the nature of the position a worker selects, the overall benefits to a railroad job deliver immensely.  If you’re a “people person,” you’ll enjoy the perks of meeting new and exciting people daily.  Travel enthusiasts can seek out a new destination to explore every day.  For those that enjoy working in a central location, railroad employees enjoy the opportunity to meet local Alaskans and learn more about their daily lives.


    Princess rail jobs represent more than the opportunity to work in Alaska.  They provide an Alaskan adventure in and of themselves.  They also create a fun and exciting employment opportunity in which workers can learn more about themselves.  So how do you find out which Princess Rail Tours position fits your skillset?  Check out our available positions here.  Then get your motors running and get out on the railway!