The Best Photo Keepsakes You’ll Actually Use

Spending time in Alaska virtually guarantees you’re going to be coming home with pictures you want to show off. Whether you spent the summer as a barista in Denali, a server in Fairbanks, or you took the trip of a lifetime this summer to explore the wilds of Alaska as a tourist, seeing your pictures every day is a great way to relive the memories you made. Don’t let the pictures you took languish in a folder on your computer- use and display them proudly!

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  • There are a number of options to transform your photos into decorative and useful items that you’ll use often and, as a bonus, will bring to mind those awesome summer memories. So take your gorgeous images and put them on something you can use every day. Here’s a list of our favorite options for these custom keepsakes:

    1. Pick out your favorite photos and use an online service to create a collection of magnets from your Instagram or regular photos. Cover your fridge with them, or any other metallic surface.
    2. There are a wide range of wall decor items, such as canvas, metal or wood wall art prints that can be customized with your Alaska photos, letting you choose the right size and material to showcase your stunning pictorial memories. Your local drugstore or photo development center should have custom options. Just make sure the photo you choose isn’t pixilated so the large print comes out looking great.
    3. Cover your smartphone with a custom protective case featuring your favorite picture from your summer of fun- both cool looking and useful!
    4. Select your favorite pictures and create a professional looking coffee table book to commemorate your incredible experiences in the wilderness of Alaska.
    5. Enjoy a new photo reminder of your trip every month of the year with a custom calendar. Keep it for yourself or give some as gifts to friends and family.
    6. Wear your pictures! You can design clothing items featuring your favorite snapshots, so you will be decked out in head-to-toe Alaska gear.
    7. If you’re interested in displaying your picture on a large scale, you can create custom wallpaper or temporary wall coverings, ensuring that your photos will catch the eye of anyone who steps into your home or office.
    8. A classic favorite is the photo coffee mug, which you can use every morning for coffee or tea, and gaze at your magnificent photo while you wait for the caffeine to kick in.

    Use your photos from your summer memories to decorate your environment, whether it be your clothes, your phone, the walls or your dishes. You’ll always remember the fantastic time you spent in the largest and northernmost state and your friends and family will be envious of not only your photo savvy but also the trip itself. You may even be an inspiration to travel or work there and discover Alaska for themselves.

    However you choose to display your pictures, having a daily reminder of the moments you’ll want to remember forever is valuable, but having something that’s also useful is truly priceless.