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Chantal- Guest Service Host

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The first year I came up to Whitehorse, I had never travelled or experienced any other parts of Canada. This job gave me the opportunity to experience a part of Canada most people don’t get the chance to see. I also had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Canada as well as improve my skills of team work and customer service.

I come from a small town in Ontario that is about half the population of Whitehorse. To many people, Whitehorse is a very small city, but to me it is a comfortable second home and I felt at ease as soon as I arrived here. One of the great things about this job was that I have been able to experience an authentic Yukon summer with lots of daylight. It was great telling friends and family back home who couldn’t believe it. I was also very luck to see wildlife that we don’t have back home such as Bear, Moose and Bison.

I enjoyed coming back up to Whitehorse to work because the job provides a fast paced environment and I am continuously meeting new people from all over the world. Meeting our guests and making sure that they leave Whitehorse with positive memories and a smile on their face is one of the greatest enjoyments I have.

This job has allowed me the opportunity to grow as an individual and has helped me learn a lot about myself. It has also provided outlets for me to overcome my fear of public speaking which has become a great asset in the office season back home.

I have worked with some great people and have made friendships in this job that will most definitely last a lifetime, along with the memories.

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