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Phillip- Juneau Driver Guide

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Gastineau Channel

Gastineau Channel provides stunning vistas for Juneau (Wikimedia Commons)

My Alaskan adventure began the summer of 2009. I had just turned 22 and was on a plane from Seattle to Juneau with all the stops in between. It seemed hard to believe that just four months earlier I had accepted the position of driver guide and found myself behind the wheel of a 40’ motor coach in the parking lot of GI Joe’s.

I was excited to try something new, get out of my comfort zone and make some money, and my summer in Alaska certainly delivered. Not only was driving tour buses something I had never done or even thought about before, it was a fast paced adventure that challenged me and provided much needed income to support my scholastic endeavors. Every day proved to be unique and I learned very quickly to “expect the unexpected”. I met people from all over the world and enjoyed sharing with them the beauty that Alaska has to offer.

I flew in a helicopter over the Juneau ice field and admired the beauty of a pod of humpback whales bubble net feeding. I counted thirty bald eagles in one day and watched the snow slowly melt off of the top of Mount Juneau. Nothing can compare with the vast wilderness of Alaska and I am thankful that I had the chance to experience it firsthand while learning valuable interpersonal skills and earning a CDL to cap it all off.

Whether I found myself admiring the beauty of the Mendenhall Glacier or enjoying local fare at the Island Pub, Juneau was a perfect place for my summer Alaskan adventure.

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