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All About the Upper Kenai: How to Make the Most of Your Visit

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
From rafting and fishing to wildlife viewing and just plain relaxing in a beautiful landscape, the Upper Kenai packs everything you’d want out of an Alaska adventure—and has been called the state’s best-kept secret. Only a one-hour drive from Anchorage along the Seward Highway, the Upper Kenai is a goldmine....  Read More

The Best RV Parks Near Juneau to Visit This Summer

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
staying at an rv park near juneau
If you’re planning to work near Juneau for the summer and you have an RV, there are some home-away-from-home RV parks to choose from that let you experience a stay in Alaska while sleeping in your own bed. Spots fill up quickly in the summer, so make your reservations early....  Read More

Hiking for Peak Scenery: Our Favorite Hiking Trails for Mountain Views

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
lost lake trail alaska
We couldn’t begin to make a master list of the best hikes in Alaska – there’s too much beautiful wilderness. But we can share some hikes that offer astounding mountain views. As the first of a series of blogs on hiking trails, here are a few of our favorites! Eielson...  Read More

Off the Clock: 5 Things to Do in Ketchikan After Your Shift

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
What to do in Ketchikan
Ketchikan, Alaska’s fifth-largest city, sits at the southernmost entrance to Alaska’s Inside Passage, a network of waterways that pass through idyllic scenery. Best known for its salmon, scenery and native culture, there is plenty to keep you busy during your evenings and weekends. Check out our list of recommended to-dos...  Read More

Find an Affordable Place to Live in Juneau for the Season

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Juneau is a great place to find a seasonal job, and as Alaska’s capital, the city is a great place to visit and explore. If you’d love to snag a summer job in this scenic and historic place, but you’ve heard the cost of living is high, don’t worry. Here...  Read More

How to Enjoy the Best Retirement Job in the World

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Did you know some of the best retirement jobs are in Alaska? We can’t think of a better way to enjoy your retirement than working and earning vacations in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Here are our tips on how to enjoy your summers in the midnight...  Read More

Become a Work Camper in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Ever dream of camping out in Alaska for the summer? Work camping, (or workamping), is a way to make it more affordable. Workamping positions can include working at campgrounds and RV parks, where compensation might come in the form of a free campsite and free utilities. Discover what options are...  Read More

How to Find Affordable Housing in Fairbanks

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Working a summer season in Fairbanks is a great way to experience the heart of Alaska and make money at the same time. A wide array of jobs open up in the tourism industry each year, and if you land one you’ll have to arrange a place to live for...  Read More

Our Favorite RV Parks Near Fairbanks

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Photo by DiamondBack Truck Covers Driving an RV to Fairbanks might be one of the best ways to explore Alaska. Road tripping with a place to live is a great way to arrive in the state, especially if you’re planning to spend a summer working a seasonal job. Fairbanks boasts...  Read More

The Best Summer Jobs in Alaska

by ATJ Posted in The Alaska Experience Blog
Looking for an exciting summer job in Alaska? Search no further. Some Alaska summer jobs require years of specific experience or long hours. But these three jobs are high on fun and big on perks. Driver Guide Most people come to Alaska for the scenery, but not all employees get...  Read More