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Kimberly- Payroll

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Hello! My name is Kimberly, and I work in the Payroll Department for Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. This is my first summer season with Princess and I could not be happier. I have been able to go on many wonderful tours that have been offered by our vendors. So far I have gone on the Jeep tour, two rafting trips, Jeff King’s Husky Homestead tour, and the Jet boat safari. I have even seen Denali “the great one”, four times this season.

I work in a small department. Human resources consists of Jenni  – Human Resource Manager, and Sarah  – Human Resource Assistant and me. Jenni and Sarah are wonderful to work with. They have both been so helpful with getting me settled in and up to speed on all of the hiring processes that we go through for the short summer season. It has been so interesting and quite a challenge.

In addition to the Payroll position I have, I also am a member of the Social activity committee at the Princess Homestead (employee lodging). This is so much fun and very different from what I do during the day. We planned a wonderful 4th of July celebration. I believe that Jenni won the prize for most pie in the face during our manager pie eating contest. We are in the midst of planning a dance, Halloween festivities, Christmas, and New Years Eve. All before we leave at the end of the season.

My experience with Princess and Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge has been so fun and very rewarding. I have really enjoyed my summer here.

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