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Jobs In Anchorage: Transportation & Guests Services

Alaska’s largest city encompasses 42% of the state’s population and offers all of the modern conveniences of any major city. This city of 277,000 is uniquely placed between the mountains of Chugach State Park, the nation’s largest state park, and the waters of the Cook Inlet. Anchorage offers spectacular views along with some of Alaska’s favorite summer time activities. Backpacking, biking, hiking trails and fishing are part of the summer time culture. Modern skyscrapers and buildings are intermingled within the wonderful park and trail system that bring you up close to Alaska’s pioneer past.

For more information about the Anchorage area, we recommend visiting these sites: (Anchorage’s Newspaper)


Anchorage is a unique destination located in one of the world’s most spectacular settings – Alaska! Embraced by six mountain ranges and warmed by a marine climate, Anchorage is alive with adventure, recreation, sporting events and more…right out your back door. Anchorage is a modern city surrounded by endless peaks, dazzling displays of flowers, live music from the city parks and unique art on display throughout the city. Many streams are alive with salmon which can be fished all summer long, contributing to the many optional activities that are available to all. Chugach State Park borders Anchorage with hiking trails galore and views of Turnagain Arm, contributing to its “Big Wild Life.”

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Housing Options

Anchorage Transportation Division does not provide any housing for its employees. The office is located on Anchorage’s Southside, about 10 miles from downtown Anchorage. Apartments are easy to find and affordable, with rent starting at $650 per month, depending on your necessities and location. Public transportation is available throughout the city. Our employees have found that a bike is your best bet if you do not have a car. Anchorage has a wonderful bike trail system that can get you anywhere in the city. Grocery stores, malls, and post offices are all easily accessible by public transportation and bike trails. The cost of living in Anchorage is similar to living in many big cities in the lower 48 states.

Alaska Tour Division – Anchorage Jobs

Why Work for Anchorage Transportation Division?
Upon successful completion of the terms of the employment agreement, an attractive discounted travel program may be available including cruises with Holland America Line and Princess Cruises. Employees may also receive a seasonal completion bonus, discounts on optional tours, and the chance to experience Alaska’s largest city.


Earn College Credit

Employees who are enrolled in Holland America-Princess’ Commercial Driver Training Program in Alaska and out of state can register with the University of Alaska Summer Sessions program to receive 3 credits for ABUS 267, Transportation and Logistics management, a course in the Applied Business Department from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This is the first tour company in Alaska where students can earn university credits by completing the commercial driver training program. The credits are fully transferable. Contact your hiring manager for registration information.

Visit UAF Summer Sessions to learn more. For a course description, see ABUS 267 in the UAF Course Catalog.

Transportation Information

If needed, air transportation to Anchorage may be arranged through Holland America-Princess. The company offers a repayment program that will allow you to repay the cost of your ticket with your earned wages, once on site. Once in Anchorage you will be responsible for your own transportation. Anchorage has a wonderful public transportation system as well as a bike trail system that runs throughout the city. Due to the nature of the employment agreement this does not apply to employees who are hired under the J1 visa program.

  • Location: Anchorage, Alaska
  • Number of Employees: 250
  • Housing Type:  Employees must provide own housing.
  • Typical Season: May 1 through September 25
  • Types of Jobs
    • CDL Drivers (Motorcoach and Luggage Truck)
    • Guest Service Hosts
    • Office/Administrative
    • Luggage Crew
    • Detail Crew
    • Transportation/Guest Service Supervisors
    • Seasonal Mechanics
    • Maintenance Workers