How to Get to Skagway

Do you want to know the best way to get to Skagway from the lower 48? You’re in luck! It’s one of only three Southeast Alaska cities accessible by road, so if you’re up for a long drive, you can get to Skagway via your car. If that’s not your style, you can also travel by sea or air. To help you make a decision, we’ve laid out all the information you need to get to this scenic city for the summer.

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  • By Road

    Driving from the lower 48 is a great way to experience the amazing vistas in British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska, and there’s the added benefit of having your vehicle with you for the summer. You’ll be hitting the Alaska Highway, also known as the ALCAN Highway, a 1,387-mile highway that was constructed during World War II to connect the lower 48 with Alaska via road. This rough-but-ready road is now paved in its entirety. The ALCAN starts in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska. You’ll follow this highway only partway, though – you’ll eventually hook up with the South Klondike Highway – which runs along virtually the same route that prospectors followed during the 1898 Gold Rush. You certainly won’t be traveling as the crow flies, but that’s not why you’re going to Alaska anyway. It’s all part of the adventure. Note: You will need your passport or passport card to enter Canada.

  • By Ferry

    Another option, whether or not you’d like to take your car, is a trip via the Alaska Marine Highway ferry. The ferry travels to Skagway five days a week in the summer and three to four days per week in the off-season, leaving from Bellingham, Washington and taking three days on average. You can take the opportunity to hop on and off the ferry and visit other coastal cities along the way.

    If you want to be extra comfortable, you can choose a room but make sure to book it far in advance. Another option is deck camping – you can unroll a sleeping bag on a deck chair or pitch a tent. If you bring your vehicle, understand that you’ll only have access to it at certain times each day, so keep what you want with you. Walk-on passengers are limited to 100 pounds of luggage, so be sure to pack light. Not sure whether you’d like to drive the highway or take the ferry? Why not take one route on the way up and another on the way home? It’s your adventure.

  • By Air

    If you don’t need your car with you, arriving by plane is a good option. Your best bet will be to book a ticket to Juneau or Anchorage and then catch a commuter flight to Skagway, about a 45-minute flight from Alaska’s capital. Skagway has a small airport, and this popular seaport city is also accessible by seaplane from Juneau. Check with your chosen carrier about cargo limits.