Allan & Verginiya – 2007

Allan & Verginiya – 2007

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  • Allan and Verginiya met in the summer of 2004. He was the PM Sous Chef and she was a laundry attendant. Originally he came from the east coast but had been working in the Florida Keys for eight years before moving to Alaska. She was from a little town in Bulgaria and was here on the J-1 student visa program. She had been studying law in College in Sofia, Bulgaria. She left for a summer job with Princess.

  • One day while checking his mail in the employee dinning room he saw Verginiya checking her e-mail. He introduced himself and sparks flew. They were together everyday after that. Learning about each other was easy even though they were both from different sides of the world.

  • She returned home after that summer to finish school. That winter was the longest winter ever. They stayed in touch by phone and letters but longed to be together again. The following summer Allan returned as the Executive Chef and Verginiya was able to come back for another season. This time they would not be separated again. They were married at the end of 2005 Season.

  • Now the couple lives together at the McKinley Princess lodge year round. He is still the Executive Chef and she is the Auditor for the transportation department.

  • Fairy tales do come true!