Bella – Land of the Midnight Sun

We are living long with 19 hours of daylight at the moment. I think I actually have more energy from the sun! But when it goes down, so do I. One of the trails here has been posted as off limits for a while. A mama moose had her baby nearby. It’s for their protection as well as the hiker’s. There is a high population of black bears, but we seldom hear of sightings, only one so far. I sat on a stump under a tree in the middle of a field overlooking the Chulitna River. Quiet solitude, birdsong and running river sounds.

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  • The Princess Theatre shows two unique screenings in what they call a Photo Symphony. A wildlife photographer captures breathtaking scenes in panoramic displays which fade from one to another enhanced with surround sound music. One is of Denali and its majestic wildlife and the other one is 45 minutes of the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis. You can lose yourself in such splendor! What pleasure…I will attend every chance I get.
    A sweet honeymoon couple from Mexico, trying to describe their experience on the sled dog ride, said it was “spectacular and incredible!” Aren’t those exciting words? It was the highlight of their tour. The one disappointment was that there was no snow this time of year. But they cuddled the 4 week old pups and that in itself is a thrill.
    I love interacting with the tourists. They really do enjoy Alaska. Talkeetna is rustic, quaint, authentic and wears no pretensions. At least they have flush toilets, even though you have to walk a block to get to them.
    A 75 year old French woman traveling alone, looking fit as a fiddle, was so disappointed that the glacier plane was grounded. She had already landed in a helicopter and been on a seaplane and this would have been an added highlight. (She has a pilot’s license.) She shared some of her adventures with me, hoping to come up with another tour to fill in her afternoon.
    The Lodge has a large popular quality gift shop that does a booming business. I perused it during a lull in shoppers’ madness and saw many reasonably priced souvenirs. I don’t plan to consider purchases until season’s end, with employee discounts. But it was fun browsing.