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Chambray – Outfitter – Fairbanks, Alaska

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  • Out of all the jobs I’ve had, I can truly say that working for this company has truly been the best experience. The managers are all very nice, the supervisors almost always are fun, and it makes the atmosphere a lot better when times could otherwise be stressful. This year however, I am really thankful and happy to be working again for this great company. My boyfriend, who is from a small country farmtown, is stationed at Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska. His company is being deployed to Iraq this weekend, actually for the next 15 months. He wanted to take one last trip to see some amazing things like Mt. McKinley because he knows he might not ever again have the opportunity. He wanted to be able to remember his country for some of the amazing things we have here. Anyway, thanks to the company we were able to go to Denali. We saw the mountain and were able to do some awesome tours. We met some great princess employees who were friendly and helpful. My husband told me it was one of the best trips he’d been on and will remember it forever.
    So, I love working here. It’s fun, the guests are great, the co-workers are great, and I really do think the managers and supervisors make everything fun and enjoyable. But truly I really love and appreciate working here because they let someone I care about have a great last week in the USA that we’ll both never forget.