Christina – Front Desk Clerk

Christina – Front Desk Clerk And the adventure begins again…

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  • Two seasons ago a good friend of mine traveled all the way from our fair state of Florida to the wonderful picturesque state of Alaska. After returning she knew Alaska was a place I needed to see and would fall in love with. I decided to do some research on Alaska jobs. The Princess website was the first one I came across so I submitted my application online just to see what would happen. A few weeks later I had a message on my phone from Tracy Smith of Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge. After a few days of phone tag, Tracy and I set up a phone interview. One month later I was signing my contract and booking a flight to Alaska!

  • The first week of training was exciting and full of new faces. Everyone was getting to know each other as we began our journey into the summer. On the first day of arrivals you could feel the excitement in the air. We how much is herpes treatment all gathered to the front of the lodge to wave in the first coach and we knew the summer was off to a great start.

  • After the many wonderful adventures I had in Alaska such as riding tandem on a one seated bike from Kennecott to McCarthy because of missing the bus, I knew I would be coming back for more next summer. Here I am.

  • The Copper River Princess Lodge is a well oiled machine. The management team is better than any other management team I have ever worked for. This has a great deal to do with my return for a second helping of a wonderful Alaska summer.

  • The other important factor in my return is the land. Alaska is a breath taking place. Every day brings something new. This is truly a land for first experiences you can’t have in any other place in the world.

  • My friend was right on the nose. I have fallen in love with this great land.