Christine – Guest Services Assistant Manager

Christine – Guest Services Assistant Manager – Anchorage, Alaska

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  • I started my ‘Alaska Summer Job’ with Princess and Holland America. I was the receptionist for the Anchorage Transportation Division. A few seasons later I became one of the logistics coordinators. One summer led to another, and another, and another. I enjoyed every position I held and the environment I worked in very much. The one thing that impressed upon me each season was the same familiar friendly faces of employees that seemed, like me, to return Anchorage for another season of employment (and fun!).
    After commuting from Seattle in the winter to Anchorage in the summer, I decided to move to Alaska. The endless opportunities to run on the trails, hike the beautiful mountains, Nordic ski throughout the winter (and everything else in between) was just too enticing and I could no longer resist the urge to make Alaska my home once again (I had spent my impressionable Junior and High School years in Alaska, just north of Anchorage). Working with Princess and Holland America has and continues to promote my urge to explore by providing me with great travel benefits and opportunity. I’ve had opportunity to visit Kenai, Fairbanks, Talkeetna /McKinley as well as Denali Park (Copper River is next on my list). I’ve rode the Princess Alaska Rail Dome Train Cars, taken numerous wildlife and glacier day cruises, a flight seeing trip over Turnagain arm, not to mention, I’ve dined in some of Anchorage’s most popular downtown restaurants.
    I tremendously enjoy the guests that come from all over the nation, and the world, but what has really driven me in my career with the company has been the staff itself. The management team have always been very sensitive to the needs of guests and to the input of employees. I’ve worked with different teams and different management styles in my life, but here I have felt the most welcomed, the most encouraged, and the most challenged (in a positive manner – enabling me and giving me opportunities to grow and stretch my abilities). The company culture has taught me a lot about working as a team, about excellent service and about friendship.
    I started out as a seasonal employee returning summer after summer – with always a place held for me and an invitation to bring my skills to the table. Currently I am working in Anchorage and I am a part of, what I believe to be, one of the best management teams around. I am teaching and training employees, being trained and taught by my peers, giving my best to our travelling guests and receiving much more from them and my co-workers then I could imagine.
    I’m in a good place: Alaska, Anchorage, Tourism – Anchorage Transportation Division, Full-time management position. I’m in a very good place.