Laurel – Supervisor – Seattle Port Operations


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  • Ever heard of “Take Your Son /Daughter to Work” day? Well, I’ve taken that to a whole new level! With my kids growing up and moving out of the house, I began looking for something to keep me busy on the weekends. I had recently booked an upcoming Princess cruise and I like the idea of working down at the pier with that big beautiful ship docked just outside. Before I knew it I was filling out an application for employment. It only took a weekend or two before I realized how much fun I was having. After continuously talking about my great day at work, I managed to talk my daughter into applying for the job as well.
    Hopping into the car in the mornings, we were always excited to see what the day at Princess had in store for us. Now, 3 years later my daughter is still working with me, along with 2 of my other children. Lots of us employees come back year after year. The wide variety of duties down at the pier makes our days interesting. No where else could we find the flexibility of a seasonal job with the employee recognition Princess gives us. The organization is quick to reward us for a job well done. This attitude has brought all of us together as a team and we share great camaraderie.
    The last day of the season at Princess is always laced with tears and the first day back is loaded with hugs. I love seeing the familiar faces and meeting the new ones that will be joining the team. The variety of people I meet- from all walks of life, young and old continue to teach me about myself. Whether they be passengers heading off on their dream vacation, or peers working along side me, I like being with them. They have all broadened my interests and given me something to look forward to in the morning. Princess has provided a great life experience for me and three of my children.