Rick – Hotel Services Manager

I began working for Princess Tours in 1999 while in college. Truth be told, I was looking for nothing more than a fun summer job in an exotic location. Eight years later what I found was a career in one of the most beautiful locations on earth working with people I truly respect and admire.

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  • My first job with Princess was as a luggage handler at the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. I loved the place immediately. I came up with a friend for the summer, and we both enjoyed our work and made some lasting friends. My next summer season with Princess was at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. What a difference between the two lodges. Kenai only has 86 rooms which made for a much different atmosphere. It was then I truly realized how Princess had something for everyone, whether you were a guest or an employee. It was exciting to be working for a company that featured large lodges and small, staffed with a workforce from all over the country, and the world for that matter. What other summer job allows you to meet people from Europe, Asia, Australia, and almost all points in between.

  • After one season at Kenai I returned to the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, and never left. For the last 3 years the lodge has been my home as I took on full time employment first as a Front Desk Manager and now as the Hotel Services Manager. I am thrilled to have grown with the lodge I now call home. As I worked my way through the Princess ranks the lodges around me also grew. During my Princess career I have been a luggage handler, front desk agent, bell staff supervisor, front desk supervisor, Front Desk Manager, and Hotel Services Manager. The Mt. McKinley Princess has gone from 226 rooms when I first arrived in 1999 to 460 rooms in 2006.

  • Another great thing is that I have been able to watch other seasonal employees’ work their way into full time positions with Princess Tours in Alaska the same way that I have. I love working for a company that has promoted many of its manager from within. None of us took our first summer seasonal job with the foresight to think we were getting a career, but that is exactly what Princess has become. In my 6 years with Princess I have been fortunate enough to find great co-workers, a great new home, a chance to tour the world and the state of Alaska in ways I would never have been able to otherwise this early in my life.