Steve – Driver Guide

Steve – Driver Guide – Anchorage, Alaska

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  • My wife Linda had been working for Princess and Holland America for about eight years when she suggested I might enjoy driving a motor coach on Saturdays. At that point, the largest vehicle I had ever driven was probably a Ford F250. So, I agreed and for almost two and a half months I trained on weekends learning to drive 40 and 45 foot motor coaches. With expert instruction that emphasized a scrupulous attention to technique and safety, I successfully obtained my commercial driver’s license and was on the road. While public speaking is part of my government job during the week, it was definitely a new challenge keeping 50 or more guests entertained at the same time as I drove them safely to their next destination. I’m now in my third season and very much enjoy the change of pace and scenery I’m able to enjoy every Saturday. The friendship and support of everyone on the team is an experience not to be missed.