Why I Like to Work Here: Elena Joludeva- Fleet Detailer, Anchorage Transportation

Hi! My name is Elena and I am from Moldova.  I have been working for Holland America-Princess for 2 summers.  It has been the most wonderful experience in my life. 

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  • Elena Joludeva- Fleet Detailer, Anchorage Transportation

    Maybe for somebody washing coaches sounds boring and hard but in reality there is a lot of fun.  I met other J1 students from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Jamaica so it’s a great chance to learn another culture, to see how another people are thinking, to hear about what the country looks like.  With Holland America-Princess I had so many opportunities to see Alaska and to try different stuff like: Jet boat Safari, rafting, tundra wilderness tour, trip with the boat in Kenai National Park.  Every day I get to know a lot of people that share their experience with us.  Now I have a lot of friends with Princess help.  For this company working seasonal, a lot of drivers are from different states what is really cool.  If I will have this opportunity I will choose again this company because it’s the best!  We have in wash crew the best workers and the best manager.