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  • “How’d you get from Texas to Alaska?” This is a question I have heard more times than I can count this summer. It seems every tour group I take out wants to know the answer to this question. My reply? “Surfing the Internet!” I get responses from blank stares to out-right laughter, but it’s true.
    Ten years working in the cube-rat maze had driven me to extremes. I had to escape the 9-to-5, clock punching dreariness. So I’ll drive trucks, says I! And off I went. Driving big trucks across the nation was all well and good but after about three years, I realized that I had been everywhere twice. And I never was able to do any of the cool stuff, like see the Liberty Bell or visit the Lincoln Monument. But I did get to see all of our nation’s lovely, picturesque truckstops. Another change was in order so I started surfing. Where hadn’t I been? Hmmm… Alaska! Never got a load taking me there! And there was a link to on one of the countless pages I browsed, taking me from Dullsville to Ketchikan!
    I have the greatest job I’ve ever had. I take groups from all over the globe on excursions all over the island, and taking them out to Totem Bight State Park is the most fun of all! Could the summer get any better? Well, on May 27th, I found out when I married my wonderful new bride, Victoria. We met in the Driver’s Housing, and well, one thing lead to another. We pooled our tips together to pay for the marriage license and wedding and, thanks to the other drivers in the housing that put together a BYOWR (bring your own wedding reception), we had a great time at our wedding on Sunday, May 27th, 2007. Now she drives motorcoach 801 and I drive coach 790 and when people ask how married life is treating us, I tell them that it’s just like driving a bus! And I also tell them, come to Alaska for the summer and change your life forever!