Driving the Alcan Highway: 10 Sights Not to Miss

This road, which stretches and winds through more than 1,400-plus miles of Alaska and Canadian landscapes, may seem desolate at times. However, there are plenty of stops and wonderful sights to see along the way. Here are 10 not to miss.

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  • 1. Dawson Creek

    Not to be confused with Dawson City, Yukon, (or the TV show “Dawson’s Creek) Dawson Creek is your Mile 0 starting point in British Columbia. Both cities are named after George Mercer Dawson, who helped establish the provinces as agricultural settlements. In Dawson Creek, you can find all amenities and visitor information to help you plan out your stops along the way. You also can visit the Walter Wright Pioneer Village, some of which are original structures.

    2. Peace River Bridge

    The longest water span along the Alcan Highway is the Peace River Bridge near the town of Taylor in British Columbia, about 35 miles from the start of the Alcan Highway. The 2,130-foot bridge, opened in 1943, became a casualty of the region’s rough elements, collapsing in a landslide in 1957. The rebuilt bridge has stood steady since 1960.

    3. Muncho Lake

    Stop and enjoy the green and blue waters of Muncho Lake Provincial Park at about Mile 436. The name comes from the Kaska indigenous people, which means “big water,” and is an accurate description of the 7-mile-long lake. We recommend stopping here for the night so you can take full advantage of the gorgeous mountain vistas, wildflowers and wildlife the park boasts. One of its unique features is “folded mountains,” formed by folded limestone from the tectonic activity.

    4. Liard Hot Springs

    Shortly after your visit to Muncho Lake, enjoy the nearby Liard Hot Springs. Follow the protective boardwalk to two hot springs pools – what better way to unwind from a long road trip? The park, ecologically significant for its boreal spruce forest that hosts a rich variety of plants and wildlife. Water temperatures in the Alpha pool can reach 125 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to stay here for the night, you should arrive early – it’s a popular campground in the summer.

    5. Whitehorse

    About Mile 883, you might be longing for some city comforts. Good news! You’ll be reaching the Yukon city of Whitehorse, where you can recharge in style – Gold Rush style. This city has a wild history that’s reflected in its historic downtown and historic sites like the Klondike Paddle Wheel River Steamboat. Visit Miles Canyon just a few minutes away for gorgeous views of the Yukon River and surrounding volcanic rock.

    6. George Johnston Museum

    Mile 804 at Teslin, Yukon, just north of the Nisutlin Bay Bridge, takes you to the George Johnston Museum, a 3,000-square-foot museum featuring exhibits and artifacts of the Inland Tlingit residents of the region. Watch cultural films in the museum’s small theater and enjoy outdoor exhibits on display. The museum also offers summer programs. A little bit farther down the road is the Teslin Tlingit Council Heritage Centre, which holds a special celebration at the end of July with performances, a grand entrance parade, storytelling, game demonstrations and a public feast.

    7. Yukon Wildlife Reserve

    You’ll pass the city of Whitehorse at about mile 888, then further down the road you’ll see the junction with Klondike Highway 2. Four miles north, you take a detour down Takhini Hot Springs Road for both the Takhini Hot Springs and the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where you can see 13 species of Canada’s mammals, just in case you haven’t already during your drive.

    8. Tachäl Dhäl

    Speaking of wildlife, you can visit Dall sheep during a hike of the Tachal Dhal (Sheep Mountain) Ridge about an hour north of Haines Junction. Stop at the Tachäl Dhäl Visitor Centre first at about Mile 1028 and use their telescopes help bring these iconic sheep a little closer. A few miles up the road is the daylong hike along the Tachäl Dhäl Ridge Route, taking you up the ridge for some serious views. Note that you can expect some steep trail travel – and there’s not always a trail. You might consider an overnight nearby, but you can’t camp in a tent because of bears. Ask at the Visitor Centre about accommodations.

    9. Canada-U.S. Border

    You’ll reach the U.S.-Canada border at about Mile 1186, so be sure to stop for a signpost selfie at this rest stop.

    10. Delta Meat & Sausage

    No doubt all that road-tripping has made you hungry. The iconic Delta Meat & Sausage at about Mile 1413 offers free samples of sausage – a true taste of Alaska!
    Once you reach Mile 1422 at Delta Junction, you’ll be at the end of the Alcan Highway. But it could be just the start of your adventure – check out the available summer jobs we have for you and make it an adventure of a lifetime!