Planning Your Hot Springs Getaway in Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska is home to dozens of steamy, bubbling hot springs that reward any daring adventurers who voyage out into the frigid winter temperatures.

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  • After a vigorous work week in Fairbanks, join your coworkers for a dip in hot, soothing waters, letting your worries float away. Combine the natural hot springs with refreshing, crisp winter air and you’ll return to your daily routine completely rejuvenated. To get you started on your journey, here are our favorite hot springs near Fairbanks, ordered from closest to furthest.

    Chena Hot Springs: 60 miles from Fairbanks

    Take a short drive through picturesque Alaska to arrive at Chena Hot Springs, part of a full-service resort that boasts indoor and outdoor spas and pools. After you get rejuvenated, you can crank up the excitement levels and get your mush on with horse-drawn sleigh rides and dog sled rides.

    If zipping through the snow isn’t your ideal break between soaks, you can also cool off inside the world’s largest year-round ice museum. Last, after your muscles feel springy and light, go ahead and rent a pair of skis, snowshoes or ice skates. We almost forgot the best part: winter visitors get a 20 percent discount on the resort’s regular rates!

    Tolovana Hot Springs: 90 miles from Fairbanks

    If exploring Alaska’s backcountry is appealing, you’re not going to find a better option near Fairbanks than Tolovana Hot Springs. These hot springs ditch the glitz of Chena Hot Springs and provide a rustic experience and sights to behold!

    The hot springs are accessible by trekking through the winter snow and going on a short paddle or chartering a bush plane. But if you decide the jaunt is worth it, you’ll be rewarded with postcard-worthy views. And if you’re lucky, an uninterrupted view of the Northern Lights. After soaking in the refreshing water and views, you can spend the night in a lowkey cabin nearby.

    Do be aware, Tolovana Hot Springs is a backcountry experience with no nearby services. This hot springs adventure requires wilderness survival skills, especially in the winter!

    Greenhouse at Manley Hot Springs: 150 miles from Fairbanks

    One of the things our employees often love is experiencing Alaska’s rich history, especially concerning the Alaskan gold rush. So after a hard work week, enjoy relaxing like the prospectors of yesteryear with a long, invigorating soak.

    Manley Hot Springs, formerly known as Baker Hot Springs, is an old mining town nestled in the woods. The town no longer serves as a destination for gold prospectors but it still bustles with a robust fishing, hunting and gardening scene. The hot springs in this town are called Greenhouse and require advanced reservations. While you’re here, learn more about Alaska’s mining history and explore the quaint remnants of a once-booming town.

    Alaska is home to countless adventures and opportunities, and its hot spring selection is no different. If you’re ready to begin this new journey, explore our current job openings.