6 Reasons You’ll Love Working at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Commonly known as Alaska’s favorite playground, the Kenai Peninsula is a paradise for outdoor activities – it’s also the home of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Here are some of the many reasons you’ll love working at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge!

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  • 1. It’s near your favorite activities

    Working at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge puts you directly in the middle of the Kenai Peninsula, a beautifully scenic area along the banks of the famous Kenai River. The lodge is the jumping-off point for many of the wilderness activities that attract guests to the area, including backpacking, rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding and world-class fishing. As an employee, you’ll be able to access many of these activities at a discounted price.

  • 2. You’ll meet other like-minded, adventurous souls.

    Don’t know anyone else in Alaska? It’s not a problem. When you spend the summer with us working at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge, you can choose to take advantage of the dormitory-style employee housing we offer on site (which includes laundry facilities, recreation centers, wi-fi and other amenities). You’ll meet plenty of other spirited and energetic people who also enjoy Alaska wilderness activities, and you can plan your adventures together.

  • 3. It’s near Kenai Fjords National Park

    The lodge is just an hour’s drive from Seward, which is considered the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park. This coastal park is famous for its gorgeous sea stacks, glaciers and the Harding icefield. About 40 glaciers flow from the more than 300 square-mile icefield and there’s an 8.2-mile trail leaving from near the Exit Glacier Nature Center. Leave plenty of time in your day to complete it, as it’s rated as strenuous. Don’t feel like hiking? A park cruise excursion is one of the best ways to see the phenomenon known as “calving,” when a large chunk of ice breaks off a glacier into the water. It’s a haven for seacoast wildlife such as otters, sea lions, orcas, Dall’s porpoises and possibly even a humpback whale or two.

  • 4. It’s near Chugach National Forest

    The lodge also borders the Chugach National Forest, a New Hampshire-sized wonderland that includes 3,500 miles of shoreline and is world renowned for both fishing and recreation. Like Kenai Fjords, Chugach is also full of glaciers. Hike Byron Glacier Trail, see salmon spawn or look for dozens of species of shorebirds that populate the parklands. If you have a couple of days, go for a longer hike and rent a primitive cabin along the way.

  • 5. It’s near Anchorage

    Love the wilderness but need a little city life now and then? Drive about 100 miles from the lodge – and you’re in Alaska’s biggest city. Anchorage is a city of 300,000 people and has plenty of things to do, including parks, museums, and shows. Summer brings plenty of live performances, festivals and other events like the Summer Solstice Festival. The city itself is full of trails for walking, biking, and, if you stay on after your summer job ends, cross-country skiing. For those of you who are over 21, Anchorage is bursting with hip microbreweries.

  • 6. You’ll have something cool to put on your resume.

    We certainly want you to enjoy off-duty activities during your stay in Alaska, and we want you to enjoy being on-duty as well. We’re looking for energetic, hard workers with great teamwork and communication skills. With any of the jobs you choose – whether it be in the restaurant, housekeeping, the gift shop, tour desk or other areas – you’ll build your skills and talents to showcase to future employers. Traveling to Alaska only adds to your appeal as an intrepid go-getter.