6 Unusual Jobs You Will Only Find on Alaska Tour Jobs

If your image of working in Alaska is limited to setting off on a commercial fishing boat or signing up with the National Parks Service, think again. Tourism is booming, and with it comes the need for all types of workers—and some jobs that might totally surprise you. You don’t have to be Grizzly Adams to enjoy a season in Alaska. In fact, that might make it tough to get some of these jobs. Here are six of the most unexpected jobs you’ll find in the remote corners of Alaska:

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  • Singing, acting and dancing for dinner theatre

    Yes, you heard that right. Even with all the wildlife and scenery, enjoy a little human entertainment in the evenings. Serving food and drinks is just where it starts. Dinner theater entertainers at the Denali Wilderness Princess Lodge also jump into other roles—like singing, dancing and acting. Play an instrument? Even better.

    Put your singing and acting chops to the test – become a Dinner Theater Entertainer at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge!

  • Deck hand on the mv Ptarmigan

    Not all jobs on boats in Alaska are fishing jobs—like jobs on the mv Ptarmigan, for example. It’s the only boat allowed by the Forest Service to operate on Portage Lake, and makes five daily trips to the massive Portage Glacier on the Kenai Peninsula. Deck hands on the boat assist the captain with daily maintenance and operations, like cleaning the exterior of the boat, as well as greeting guests and selling tickets.

    Learn more about Boat Jobs on the mv Ptarmigan and become a deck hand for our glacier tours!

  • Bartender on an Alaska train

    Old-fashioned train travel is a romantic way to see the rugged wilds of Alaska, and bartending on an Alaska rail tour car must be one of the most interesting ways of making money while doing it. Somebody’s got to shake and stir all those cocktails in the dining car, after all. Even in Alaska.

    If you have amazing pouring skills, grab your bar towel and check out our Train Bartender Jobs in our Rail Services division.

  • Groundskeeper with a view of Mt. McKinley

    Gardening and grounds keeping is an OK job itself. But how many people get to do it within sight of the highest peak in North America? A groundskeeper at the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge maintains the flowers and foliage around the rustic lodge, all right on the edge of Denali National Park—and overlooking Mt. McKinley and the Alaska Range.

    Ready to get your hands in the dirt? Apply for our Mt McKinleyPrincess Wilderness Lodge Groundskeeper opening today!

  • Hair Stylist at a Wilderness Lodge

    This is one job where being rough and tough might not be a selling point. Yes, even in Alaska there’s a market for beauticians. The hair stylist at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge provides the entire luxurious spa experience, cutting and coloring hair, waxing, styling—even manicures and pedicures.

    While you can be a beautician just about anywhere, becoming a Hair Stylist at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge will make you a cut above the rest!

  • Alaska Cocktail server

    Sure, serving cocktails just about anywhere can be fun, if you have the right clientele. But few serving are located right at the entrance to Denali National Park. And with a never-ending stream of visitors from all over the globe, a job as a cocktail server at the McKinley Chalet Resort keeps things constantly interesting.

    So forget about the bright lights on the Las Vegas strip – being a Cocktail Server at the McKinley Chalet Resort will give you an opportunity to see Denali and some of Alaska’s most stunning landscapes.