7 Alaskan Experiences to Write Home About

Known for its sweeping arctic landscapes and stunning glacial vistas, the state of Alaska is known romance and adventure. Here are seven experiences you can look forward to when you sign on to work in Alaska.

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  • Getting Close to Wildlife

    Alaska is filled with exciting animals, and with the lowest population density in the US (1.264 inhabitants per square mile according to Wikipedia), those animals have lots of room to roam. Be on the lookout for bison, moose, bears, and more.

    Remember that these animals are wild and you don’t want to get too close. If you prefer your wildlife encounters be slightly more controlled, visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for some up-close time with rescued critters.

  • Landing on a Glacier

    Most people never get to experience flying in a single engine plane, let along swooping through mountain passes and landing right on top of a glacier. Imagine being in that plane as it lands on skis. Then picture yourself standing on a remote glacier getting an up-close view of pristine mountains.

  • Van Camping

    There’s something so freeing about camping. You’re close to nature and you can wander and sleep nearly anywhere you want. The beauty of van camping is that you are protected from the coldest nights and you can take all your gear (kayak, bike, crampons, etc.) with you. Check your tires and grab a map, and you are ready to blaze new trails.

  • Whale Watching

    Whale watching comes up so often, it almost sounds like a cliché of visiting Alaska. But when you are on the water and that large mammal surfaces nearby, you will understand why whale watching is a must. Few things are more powerful than the moment you realize those enormous mammals are aware of and responding to you.

  • Learning about Alaskan History

    Discover Alaska’s not-so-distant history by walking through a recreated Gold Rush town and a native village at Pioneer Park (formerly Alaskaland) in Fairbanks. Or spend time at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage to find out more about Alaska’s native peoples. Then look around you to see how seamlessly Alaska’s history blends with her present.

  • Mushing

    Even if you haven’t read The Call of the Wild, you can envision the wind in your face as a team of huskies pulls your sled across the landscape. Don’t worry if you’re only in Alaska for the summer. Some mushing operations offer wheeled sleds so your sled dogs can pull you across the grass.

  • Making Lifelong Friends

    Only the adventurous hear the call of Alaska. Whether you choose to work in a hotel or with guest services, you’ll be surrounded by people like you who want to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. And the experiences you share will bond you for life.

  • What Alaskan memories will you write home about?