Why These Are The Best Seasons to Work in Alaska

While there may be no bad time to visit Alaska, there are a few months out of the year that hold extra appeal. 

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  • Depending on the jobs you apply for, you could work seasonally (typically early May to the end of September), or take on a full year. Whatever you decide, take advantage of this unique opportunity and align your start date to enjoy the best seasons to work in Alaska.

    Spring (April-June)

    Springtime in any state is a time to behold: plants and animals become active and colorful waking up from their slumber. The days get longer, and there’s more sunlight to enjoy the outdoors. Alaska is no different but might be more special due to the unique flora and fauna.

    Wildlife Sightings

    The spring brings migratory marine life back to the coasts, and newly-birthed bear cubs and moose calves are visible across the state. Look for an affordable day cruise to see gray whales and other aquatic life. For guaranteed sightings, including feeding demonstrations, check out the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, Alaska.

    Endless Activities

    As the days get longer, there’s more time for outdoor activities: trails are drying out for hiking and bikers are hitting the road. And believe it or not, the skiing is still great!

    Summer (July-September)

    There’s a reason Alaska is so popular in the summertime—the weather is nearly perfect and there’s no shortage of events to keep visitors occupied. Where else in the U.S. can you go from hiking on a glacier, to camping in the backcountry, and kayaking on a crystal blue lake–all in one weekend?

    Maximum Sunlight

    Working in Alaska during summer comes with bonus daylight hours. Because of the earth’s tilt (in relation to its orbit around the sun), the summer months in Alaska experience more daylight hours than those in any other state in the US. The Summer Solstice (June 21) is the longest day of the year. Cities across Alaska celebrate with festivals and events. And aside from the merriment that festivals bring, there’s the simple fact that more sunlight equals more time for activities.

    Ideal Weather

    Alaska sees the nicest temperatures in the summer months, ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Fair weather is crucial for many mountain activities, like hiking, climbing, and camping. If you plan your excursion in the summer months, you increase your chance for great weather. Take advantage of your time off and plan a day trip or two.

    Natural Wonders

    Starting in the middle of August, set an alarm to get up at midnight: it’s one of the best times to see the Northern Lights. Though the Northern Lights are visible at various times throughout the year, late September through April is the best time to view. If you’re wanting to catch a glimpse of this natural wonder, make sure you’re working late in the summer or early spring.

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